Monday, January 31, 2011

Lack of...

I have been feeling thoroughly uninspired lately. I am not quite sure how to keep creative juices flowing but it seems to allude me on occasion.

I'm interested to know what you do to get the creative juices flowing?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Music Musings

It's been awhile since I've listened to music. I've been totally uninterested since probably about 2005'ish. I am wholly disappointed with the direction of music. The REAL STUFF is hidden somewhere in obscure bars or around the kava bowl. I just know that it is definitely NOT in the mainstream. I crave hearing sincerity in a song and beautiful lyrics.

When I was in high school, most nights I would end by popping in my favorite slow jam cassette (Yes! I said CASSETTE. lol) or tune in to Love Songs on KRTR while I write in my journal. It was always a perfect way to unwind and review the day and think through the things that were going on in my life at the time. Most times now, the only time I write in my journal is at church and I do a quick review of the week. Last night I brought back the slow jams and journal writing. It was a wonderful thing.

Some of the songs that played on my iTunes playlist brought back some serious memories. I remember how I felt when I first heard the song and who I was crushing on at the time. It felt really good and made me think of the current state of music. I am utterly disappointed by the amount of trash on the radio. Real artists that actually have something to say have all but faded from the music scene. John Lennon had something to say that had nothing to do with war. Bob Marley had a cause and garnered attention from the entire world because of his vision of peaceful existence. Jimi Hendrix. Michael Jackson. Tupac. Artists with a message rarely live to tell the entire story. I wonder what they'd have to say if they were here today.

"All we are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!"
~John Lennon

"Get up, Stand up.
Stand up for your rights!"

~Bob Marley

"The power of love OVERCOMES the love of power."
~Jimi Hendrix

"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe."
~Michael Jackson

"Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight
Why am I trying to see, when there aint nothing in sight
Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try
Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die?"


Timeless messages never go out of style. They seem to apply across creed and race barriers. They extend beyond class and station in life. Wish there was a music messenger out there right now. Someone that could incite me to think beyond sex, drugs, and alcohol. I've tried listening to Country but it gets a little depressing and monotone. I love Classical on occasion. Gospel does well too. Jazz is great. Island music is awesome but limited. I love music from like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Maroon 5 (what genre is that?). I even love Reggae but my heart is in R&B... and R&B has left me utterly DISAPPOINTED.

**heavy sigh**

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo Blog: MLK Day 2011

Martin Luther King Day is usually spent at the beach for our family. I LOVE IT! I'm so glad to be home and I have access to my favorite beach in the whole wide world.

Writing in the sand.

Should I get in the water? Hmmm....

All the sand in the world...

It was truly a gorgeous day! Clouds streaking the sky, waves, and sunshine!

Heading home... the sun is setting.

Friday, January 14, 2011




I am super tired from the INSANITY workouts. It's one of the best investments I ever made in relation to my health. I am right on track, having completed my 11th workout. Sunday is the only day we take off and it's incorporated into the workout calendar. Last week's weigh-in had me losing 4LBS. I don't know how I'm doing this week. I hopped on the scale this morning and was not pleased. Maybe I'm retaining water???

Don't think I'm neglecting the blog. I'm just SUPER TIRED!!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

FB Thread: Congresswoman Shooting

condolences to the congresswoman that was shot, but the reality is that people are getting fed up with the government and the unseen erosions of our freedoms and dignity as Americans by this very government. Deep down, I believe we all can see the honesty in that.

some may be able to see honesty in that, (husband's name removed), but at no time should someone pick up a gun and shoot an elected official over it. that's not democracy; that's bullying.

Very upset right now...

People of all views have the right to be upset over so many things, but no one has the right to handle things by shooting others over political issues. If a majority felt like this guy, she would have lost the election. I haven't liked a ...lot of politics since 9/11, but I never wanted to shoot anyone. I did want to challenge a former representative to compare our military records when he said people who didn't support invading Iraq were unpatriotic and hated America, but I think he must not have gotten my email because no one responded.

americans have been lulled into an apathetic coma OR a frenzied fear. both instances are very dangerous. democracy is not exactly my cup o' tea because it's very "lynch party'ish" -- majority rules and that is not necessarily the best thing, in my opinion.

ideally, a citizen should NEVER feel helpless in the face of increasing legislation and laws. the last i checked none of these new laws, including the patriot act, has reduced crime. go figure -- with the privatization of the jail systems, government and corporations NEED criminals/product for their industry to survive. anyway -- i'm afraid that these types of instances will increase until the government realllllly hears the people. the american revolution was NOT violence-free.

REVOLUTION!! BRING ON THE WILD, WILD WEST!! citizens should be as armed as the criminals are.

Wikileaks, Love Revolution, Hawai'i Media

Wikileaks is now available HERE!

I watched Video: Collateral Murder and was not surprised at the arrogance exhibited by U.S. Soldiers in Iraq. Though I have many soldier friends and soldier family members, I have NEVER supported this war. I will NEVER support senseless violence, ever!

Imagine if a foreign army came to our shore and drove around on our streets in their tanks, their military helicopters, armed soldiers on the streets, shake down of men congregated together, shake down of religious sanctuaries, you get the picture! Imagine that.

In this world, love is the REVOLUTION!

Don't believe what you see and hear on the network news. This country has not had an independent media in a very long time. I tend to tune into the Public Access stations for information. Our small little state, here in Hawai'i, has the largest set of Public Access stations behind New York City. That is quite a feat for our small state and we should preserve this special privilege.

Within the past year or two, Hawai'i consolidated its news sources. Of course, this was strategically executed and positioned during an economic downturn thus blaming the economy for "mergers". The Honolulu Advertiser and The Star Bulletin were separate newspapers but have been consolidated.

KITV - Hawai'is ABC affiliate is owned and operated by Hearst-Argyle, an organization that operates in 25+ markets throughout the country. Cities like Sacramento, CA - Pittsburgh - Kansas City - and a host of other cities. 

Three different stations KHNL (NBC Affiliate), KGMB (CBS Affiliate), and KFVE are owned by Raycom Media Inc, an organization that operates in 35 markets throughout the country.

I discuss these issues with anyone who is bold enough to ask my opinion. I say BOLD only because I am quite fixed on some of my opinions and have a wealth of information that feeds my opinion. However, I am still quite open to new information.

Consolidation of the media in alignment with other cities is a subtle tool for mind control. For me it's not that subtle but for most people the television is a harmless appliance. I think that the consolidation and mergers of the media force feeds all viewers, on a mass/ national scale, the same information. It slowly conditions all viewers how to think based on what is televised. Eventually, nothing will shock, nothing will surprise, and Americans will continue to be lulled into an apathetic coma or a frenzied fear. We're already there. 

So what do we do about it?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Linked Up: My Calorie Counter

I just completed day 4 of the Insanity workout. Cardio Recovery. Awesome!!

I found this website that is similar to Weight Watchers Online. The difference is... this site is FREE!!!

The new year has begun and I really need to drop the pounds. As I age I am more and more aware of how my body is changing. I'm not young and spry like I used to be. My knees are beginning to ache so I know the extra pounds are taking a toll on my body and fat people just don't live very long. Also, there is history of stroke and diabetes on one side of the family so being obese will only lead to that. I want to live a long and healthy life and not repeat the cycle.

A distant cousin of mine had the Gastric Bypass surgery done in September. She has documented her journey on her youtube channel. I will not post her website to preserve her privacy but she is such an inspiration to me. Other friends have also done some type of surgery to assist in weight loss. Another cousin did the lap band. They all look really good but I am challenging myself to do it naturally so that it will truly become a healthy lifestyle. How can I teach the next generation if I don't know how to do it on my own?

Anyway, this blog is quickly turning into a Weight Loss blog. I promise to return to normal speech soon. LOL.... **raising my glass of water** Here's to achieving a healthy lifestyle!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 20: This Month

I started this blog challenge in September so I have failed miserably because here we are in January and I am still attempting to finish this challenge. What can I say about this month?

The only thing I associate January with is my first marriage. Today, January 4th, marked the day I married my ex. That all ended in 2003 -- his choice. I'm glad it all happened. What a wonderful journey my life has been so far even with all the heartache. I have learned so much from all of it.

I remember when I was getting ready to get married the first time. The night before the wedding, my maid of honor (Tasi Fiso), the best man, and me and the groom took off to Wal-Mart at like 1 in the morning. We laughed and laughed and pretended like we didn't have to be up early. **sigh** I think we watched the sun rise and made our way back to Hau'ula. Why was I in such a rush to be married? I don't know.

Then came the wedding. It was scheduled for 3pm. At about 10am that morning it started raining cats and dogs. Uncle Cy Bridges married us and I remember him saying something to the effect that rain signified abundance. Well, the rain kept on until well after the ceremony. The reception was at BYU Ballroom @ 5pm. I don't remember what I ate but the groom and I had been drinking so it didn't really matter... we were feeling good. The entertainment was tooooo much fun. The Fonoimoana's put on a great show.

What I have to say about weddings is that they are so over rated... hindsight, of course. This particular wedding was such a waste. If I could do it over, I would have gone with an intimate ceremony. Small wedding.

New Year, Same Resolution: Weight Loss

It's 2011. I'm sure all the blogs are talking about their personal resolutions. Why would mine be different? Weight Loss is the topic of choice. It seems to be my goal every month, every year... every day I resolve to make better eating choices and exercise more. How is it that I have such a battle with being fit?

I took some simple measurements today to mark the beginning of my progress. The numbers don't scare me like they used to and I'm not embarrassed to put it out into the universe because these numbers ARE NOT me! They are not a reflection of who I want to be. I thought I did a video but husband did not hit the RECORD button. Irritating! Nevertheless... here are my numbers... video to follow tomorrow.

Dress Size: 20W
Starting Weight: 263.6 pounds
Waist measurement at the navel: 45"
Neck: 19 1/2"
Thigh: 28 1/4"

Husband and I did the fitness test as part of the Insanity exercise system. (I bought a burned copy off craigslist.) I did pretty good.

My goal weight is 200 pounds and a size 10/12. I would like to reach this by the end of April 2011. Doable? Totally!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sun Setting on 2010

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world