Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Step Mom Blues

I'm a step mom to a boy and a girl.

My stepson added me on Facebook.
My stepdaughter didn't.

At first, it didn't bother me at all. Today it does. Maybe it's because she added everyone else -- my husband (her father), my sister-in-law (her aunt), my mother-in-law (her grandmother) -- that I feel a little "left out". **shrugs** I mean thanks to Cinderella all stepmothers are evil, right?

She doesn't owe me a thing and she's just a child. Who cares, right? If she only knew how often I think of them and their well-being.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Current Events: Government Shutdown

One quick point I would like to make:

The current media is a government machine for the purpose of furthering propaganda. It is a form of mind control.

So what has been in the headlines for the last couple of days? THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUTTING DOWN!!

The idea of the government shutting down is ridiculous. What I think is going to happen in relation to this is an imposition of a draconian-type legislation, similar to the Patriot Act, that will force the masses to submit to an ever-enlarging government, ever-increasing tax burden, and that top 1% will get richer and richer and richer. Slavery, I say!

They (Legislators) create this huge problem: THE GOVERNMENT SHUTTING DOWN

"Hundreds of thousands of workers are suddenly out of paychecks." -Obama said that in a Press Conference today. This is an appeal to your emotions and the rationale of millions of federal workers who rely on those pay checks to live. Here's a novel idea -- why doesn't CONGRESS take a pay cut? Why does a government-shut-down mean that blue-collar folks will not get paid? If the government shuts down -- let it be in Washington D.C. **sigh**

In the old days, before the Federal Reserve System was created, the government had to ask the people (citizen/ tax payer) for more funds. Now, thanks to the Federal Reserve and legislation like Fractional Reserve Banking, Congress no longer has to ask the people for money. They just ask the Federal Reserve to print more money. Here's an example of Fractional Reserve Banking:
1. Congress goes to the Federal Reserve and asks for 10B -- they get the 10B
2. Congress in turn uses that money to pay all Federal Employees, including themselves.
3. Federal Employees turn around and deposit their money in a Federal Reserve bank (most banks operate under the Federal Reserve).
NOTE: that 10B has successfully been injected into the economy.

But with Fractional Reserve Banking, it doesn't end there. If all of that 10B gets deposited into the bank, it will show up on the Bank's books as an asset. Fractional reserve banking requires that the bank only have 10% of what it lends out to be on reserve. (Read it over a couple of times before you move on.)

If 10 Billion was deposited...... that means the banks can lend out 100 Billion. 90 Billion has been created out of thin air! On top of that... they charge interest!! **sigh** Does that make any sense to you? Following the money trail, who benefits from that?

So, let's think about this supposed GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN... what's really going on? Is it as I am implying: that the mass media machine is advancing the financial agenda of the elite power class? I would have to say........ DUH!!!

And the American people, feeling the pressure of having to pay bills and save the federal worker and hold down a mortgage and keep the heat on and feed their children and send their kid to college and on and on and on.... will ultimately fold to whatever "those people" in Washington decide.

What would happen if allllll the Federal workers walked out tomorrow?
What would happen if we all said ENOUGH is ENOUGH and we all stopped paying our mortgages and simply WALKED AWAY?
What would happen if government was as small as it was in its inception?
What would happen if we let the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN as they are making it sound in the media?

We can overcome!
We must!

It has to start somewhere. Let it be now. Call your congressperson and tell them what you REALLY think. Tell them they need a paycut and not the blue collar guy or gal just trying to feed their family and put a roof over head.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Any Given Sunday

Challenge #11: What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday? How would it differ from a typical Sunday? If it’s Sunday where you are, what kind of day is it so far?

* * * * * * * * * *

Sometimes Sunday is my busiest day.

Typical Sunday:
-More Meetings

Ideal Sunday:
Kakela Beach -- perfect for a barbecue and some relaxation!

I don't know how we get sucked into being so busy on the supposed "day of rest". What I love about Eastern traditions is that there are general principles to govern their lives. General meaning... universal principles like Love One Another or Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You... but the practice of it is left to the believer and is not regulated by someone "judging" your actions or attempting to assess your "worthiness". As I age, I find the whole worthiness thing to be quite disturbing even though I put myself through it every couple of years.

My perfect Sunday -- relaxation. Sleep in.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, April 04, 2011

He and She Of It All

I just seen a picture of my ex-ex-ex on Facebook... a guy from the East Coast. He ended up marrying a girl that I know... we went to high school together and hung out in the same circles. I am so happy that they are still going strong after all these years. He was a boyfriend from the early 90's. Yikes... seems like yesterday but it was so long ago!

Anyway, the picture just made me realize how happy I am with where I am and who I'm with. I don't think he and I were good for each other. In some respects he did all the right things. I mean he was 'head-over-heels' in love with me and I, unfortunately, was only infatuated with him. That's the funny thing about love... when everything is in sync, when the 'he' and 'she' of it all are both at the correct moment of blossoming, the magic happens.

I love the magic! I have told the story about husband and I too many times here to rehash the "he" and "she" of it all.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Tribute for Baby Casen: Tyrayl's Song

A dear friend of mine, Neta, lost her son today. He was born a month or two ago with Spina Bifida. Baby Casen donned his angel wings today and I wanted to post this in his honor.

I wrote the lyrics to this song back in 1991 and another dear friend of mine, Omi, put it to music.  I wrote it when another dear friend, Jenika, lost her son a month after his birth. In 1991, we were just juniors in high school when Jenika bore her first child. We were all there in the hospital when Baby Tyrayl took his last breath. It was very peaceful.... but still so very sad. Hearing the news today that Neta lost Baby Casen made me think of Baby Tyrayl. (A group of us sang this at his memorial service.)

I love my friends. I'm grateful for all of them in my life. Though I don't have children of my own and I could probably never understand a mother's love, I ache and hurt for my friends who have lost a child. **Sending love to Neta in Pensacola, Florida**

* * * * * * * * * * 

Tyrayl's Song

Mom and Dad, will you remember me?
Mom and Dad, will you still be mine?
Although my time on earth on is done
I will still love you and always will

Mom and Dad, will I see you again?
Mom and Dad, will I feel your touch?
Please be strong until the end
I will wait for you, til we meet again

Dear Father, hear my plea (hear my plea)
Please bless my mom and dad
Give them strength to understand
This is our Savior's plan

Firm and strong, I will be someday
For you to love and hold I pray
I will always live in your memory
So just close your eyes and I'll be there
(Repeat Chorus)

* * * * * * * * * *
Rest In Eternal Love Baby Casen!