Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wikileaks, Love Revolution, Hawai'i Media

Wikileaks is now available HERE!

I watched Video: Collateral Murder and was not surprised at the arrogance exhibited by U.S. Soldiers in Iraq. Though I have many soldier friends and soldier family members, I have NEVER supported this war. I will NEVER support senseless violence, ever!

Imagine if a foreign army came to our shore and drove around on our streets in their tanks, their military helicopters, armed soldiers on the streets, shake down of men congregated together, shake down of religious sanctuaries, you get the picture! Imagine that.

In this world, love is the REVOLUTION!

Don't believe what you see and hear on the network news. This country has not had an independent media in a very long time. I tend to tune into the Public Access stations for information. Our small little state, here in Hawai'i, has the largest set of Public Access stations behind New York City. That is quite a feat for our small state and we should preserve this special privilege.

Within the past year or two, Hawai'i consolidated its news sources. Of course, this was strategically executed and positioned during an economic downturn thus blaming the economy for "mergers". The Honolulu Advertiser and The Star Bulletin were separate newspapers but have been consolidated.

KITV - Hawai'is ABC affiliate is owned and operated by Hearst-Argyle, an organization that operates in 25+ markets throughout the country. Cities like Sacramento, CA - Pittsburgh - Kansas City - and a host of other cities. 

Three different stations KHNL (NBC Affiliate), KGMB (CBS Affiliate), and KFVE are owned by Raycom Media Inc, an organization that operates in 35 markets throughout the country.

I discuss these issues with anyone who is bold enough to ask my opinion. I say BOLD only because I am quite fixed on some of my opinions and have a wealth of information that feeds my opinion. However, I am still quite open to new information.

Consolidation of the media in alignment with other cities is a subtle tool for mind control. For me it's not that subtle but for most people the television is a harmless appliance. I think that the consolidation and mergers of the media force feeds all viewers, on a mass/ national scale, the same information. It slowly conditions all viewers how to think based on what is televised. Eventually, nothing will shock, nothing will surprise, and Americans will continue to be lulled into an apathetic coma or a frenzied fear. We're already there. 

So what do we do about it?


Nena said...

Are you serious? Do you have any idea how many innocent people's lives were endangered because of wikileaks? Our brave servicemen and women put their lives on the line day in and day out just so you can have the right to post your little self-righteous blog and you have the nerve to post this garbage? You have no idea what damage these leaks are costing us. I have no problem with you not agreeing with war. Nobody likes war - it is an ugly and terrible thing but it is necessary on some occasions. The truth is if we had bothered to take care of business the first time around there would have been no need for this war - but we tried for many many years to do things peacefully and it just didn't work. Sadam Hussein was a brutal dictator who murdered thousands of people, even his own family members. In my humble opinion, the world is much better off without him in it. Now, if you want to disagree with this war then that is your right. You are entitled to your own opinion. But how dare you criticize the soldier for policies he has absolutely no control over. If you have such a problem then take it up with the people (politicians) who start these wars, not the brave and innocent soldiers who are just doing their jobs trying to provide for their families and trying to protect this wonderful country.

NeenaLove said...

@NENA... i'm glad you posted your passion-charged comment. like i stated in my blog, i have a vastly large wealth of information that feeds my opinion. i am open to hearing what evidence you have to back up yours. i would direct you to watch the video, Collateral Murder. its on youtube.

me, self-righteous? hardly.

love is the answer.