Saturday, January 08, 2011

FB Thread: Congresswoman Shooting

condolences to the congresswoman that was shot, but the reality is that people are getting fed up with the government and the unseen erosions of our freedoms and dignity as Americans by this very government. Deep down, I believe we all can see the honesty in that.

some may be able to see honesty in that, (husband's name removed), but at no time should someone pick up a gun and shoot an elected official over it. that's not democracy; that's bullying.

Very upset right now...

People of all views have the right to be upset over so many things, but no one has the right to handle things by shooting others over political issues. If a majority felt like this guy, she would have lost the election. I haven't liked a ...lot of politics since 9/11, but I never wanted to shoot anyone. I did want to challenge a former representative to compare our military records when he said people who didn't support invading Iraq were unpatriotic and hated America, but I think he must not have gotten my email because no one responded.

americans have been lulled into an apathetic coma OR a frenzied fear. both instances are very dangerous. democracy is not exactly my cup o' tea because it's very "lynch party'ish" -- majority rules and that is not necessarily the best thing, in my opinion.

ideally, a citizen should NEVER feel helpless in the face of increasing legislation and laws. the last i checked none of these new laws, including the patriot act, has reduced crime. go figure -- with the privatization of the jail systems, government and corporations NEED criminals/product for their industry to survive. anyway -- i'm afraid that these types of instances will increase until the government realllllly hears the people. the american revolution was NOT violence-free.

REVOLUTION!! BRING ON THE WILD, WILD WEST!! citizens should be as armed as the criminals are.

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