About Me

When people ask me to tell a little bit about myself, I always default to my genealogy.
I am the daughter of.... who is the son of....
I am the daughter of.... who is the daughter of....
I talk about where my parents are from and where my grandparents are from.
I don't really like to be defined by labels other than the ones that are genealogical in nature.

The dream has always been to write - to tell marvelous stories of wonder about my culture, about my family, about the secrets and mysteries of life. I once thought I would major in English but my obsession with the written word has nothing to do with the mechanics of the English language but about the art of communication. Even now, I prefer to write emails and text messages and snail mail letters in lieu of a phone conversation. Written words are uninterrupted tools of communication. What I ended up majoring in is Philosophy and that was truly a wonderful experience.

I consider myself an artist. There truly is an art to conveying messages using the written word. As with any art piece, the beauty is only realized through the lens of the beholder.

I have been the ghost-writer on several projects. I also do a great deal of corporate writing. A writing sample packet is available upon request. Here, in this blog, are my personal thoughts. I have not paid much attention to the grammar or the form of the narratives. Here, on these pages, is the free flow from my mind. It is my creative outlet where I narrate the story of my life.