Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Teeth and Silent Invasions

I woke up in tears this morning because of your silent invasion into my world. It scares me that you're still in the recesses of my mind. This probably means that I'm still heavy on your mind as well.

You wore a blue denim outfit in my dream. I've never seen you wear something like that. You had on some old military boots and you rode in on a Harley. Your nephew, your cousin and a beautiful baby girl was with you. She is gorgeous and I suspect I know who she is.

The emphasis in my dream was on your teeth and how sad and apprehensive I felt about us meeting up like that. About your teeth... hmmm... Your teeth wasn't jacked when we were together. But in the dream, it was. I'm not sure if the dream interpretations I've found on that matches. Only you would know that. So here it is. If your teeth are rotten, crooked, and/or falling out this means that your lies are hurting someone very badly and that you will soon be found out. Isn't it strange?

Though I woke in tears and I'm still VERY weird-ed out. I cried and my husband had open arms to soothe me back to sleep without even knowing the source of my sadness. I really want to release the hold you have on me. But then again, our psychic connection has ALWAYS been strong. I only wish you happiness and I really truly do hope you have found it. Stop dropping into my world like this. It dictates the course of my day and leaves a sadness that I can't talk to anyone about. **heavy sigh**

Monday, May 08, 2006

To Do What?

It was dusk. The sun was retreating into the horizon and it cast a strange glow through the window. There were three of them above the bed that he lay on. Three frosted, obscure glass that allowed the dimming light in.

The bed was large and very plain. Across the bed lay a plain pillow roll.

Her vantage point arises from a dark stairwell to see him laying in slumber, on the right side of the bed.

He is laying on his right side, knees slightly curled, with his head resting on the pillow roll.

I notice how sad she feels.
I notice how troubled he looks, even while deep in slumber.

Everything in the room is plain and without character. There is no abiding presence of love in the room. It is cold and unfeeling with the exception of her. She emanates sorrow and regret and unconditional love.

The fading light through the frosted windows evoke an atmosphere of haste. She is in a hurry.... To do what?