Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So this is becoming a habit! Same dude that responded to my "We the Sheeple" post had more to say about my "Got Democracy" post. So here's his lil rant.... (Find him HERE.)
"I apologies for my grammer but I'm no English major....just a guy who grew up in the 60's & 70's in the street of Chicago and join the US NAVY for 21 years who inturn put myself thru Nursing school.

I'm so incensed at your blog that I had to speak again, First of all what do you know about Revolution? you are a kid and a foolish one at that! 2nd what could you possibly know about WAR! except from what you seen on TV, I'm so gald that people like yourself voice was ignore in 1775-1778 then again from 1861-1865 and at last 1941-1945 but 1861-1865 where most important to me because they said that about my people (Democracy) is that what they want? your so called inlighten ones said we (black people)where to stupid to understand Democracy and what would we do with it if we got it , what would we do with freemdom.....hummmm 100 years after that my people where still trying to get freedom and democracy . How many Americans died for my Democracy?....was it worth it?

The 60's that you speak about was more about Civil rights and democracy for my people...was it worth it the murders the bombing the hanging..etc you know nothing of the 60' or revoltion."

This was my response to him:
"ST... did you just read my blog? did you read what the United States military, that you are SO proud of, has to say about democracy?

obviously, you are not an english major...and neither are you a student of history.

when the declaration of independence was penned... when the bill of rights and the constitution was penned... a DEMOCRACY was not their target. i hold no emotional attachment to the founding fathers of the united States... but i can say without hesitation that a DEMOCRACY was not their intention at all.

you're familiar with the pledge of allegiance, right? may i quote it? "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands..." did it say, to the DEMOCRACY? naw bruh.

you are OBVIOUSLY a victim of public education. may i quote president woodrow wilson... "We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forego the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks."

you, my friend, are part of the class that had to skip the liberal education to fit yourself to perform specific, difficult, manual tasks.

if you follow the money trail... and there's ALWAYS a money trail... you'd find that both world wars were funded by the same families. the vietnam war wasn't about defeating communism... even though that's what the government had you believe. and this iraq war is NOWHERE near being about democracy.

my advice to you is to stop watching the mainstream media... cuz that is the biggest culprit of mass hypnotism... and start thinking for YOURSELF."

The saga continues. It's not his fault that the he has NEVER read any objective literature. He's a brain-washed whore for the military... sold his soul to be on CONSTANT errand for the federal government. He's fighting someone else's war for the romantic illusion that democracy is the goal. GET REAL! How else can public opinion be swayed, lest it be for an agreeable goal?

**FYI: I used to do the tap dance for the ARMY -- husband served in Iraq... don't tell me I know nothing of war.** And one more thing there is no EXCUSE for the use of depleted uranium. Would a country that is noble and has ONLY good intentions use something as evil as depleted uranium? But that's another blog ENTIRELY! Watch a short video HERE.


Monday, October 30, 2006

A Change Is Gonna Come

...guitar intro...
"People get ready, there's a train a-coming.
Don't need no baggage, you just get on board.
All you need is faith to hear the diesel humming.
Don't need no ticket. You just thank the Lord."

So I kinda changed up my blog... slightly. Created the new banner and just switched stuff around.

Lately... my topics have been heavy and those feelings have been bringing me wayyy down. I need to raise the vibration 'round these parts and bring back the hopeful side of me.

I've been contemplating several different creative ventures. And how do I say this... but I think they're too aggressive; too unpredictable for husband's taste. I yearn to express myself on MY OWN TIME, my own dime... without a boss to tap dance for.

My soul naturally reaches for that which is hypothetical, visionary, revolutionary. I'm a dreamer.

What I'm finding is that I skip along to my OWN rhythm and my own rhyme without logic, pattern, routine or reason. The puppet strings that once animated me have been severed and I'm ready to dream my biggest dream.

"People get ready there's a train a-coming
Don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear that diesel humming
Don't need no ticket
You just thank the Lord"

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Got Democracy

I posted my last entry (read that entry below... "We the Sheeple") on Yahoo-360. The only responses I got were from the same person. I'd like to post his first response.

The reason the 60's are gone is because most of them were dope heads and were anti-American ...over 3,000 Americans lives where lost on 9/11 where are there civil-liberties in the grave with them, we are at war and you want anti-war. Here is a good cause for you last year 2005 50,000 not 500 or 5,000 but 50,0000 Americans lost there lives by drug over dose , murder(18,000) car accident, and my personal favorite suicide(11,000 +) I'm a Nurse and I see death every day ...we are train to fight in WAR thats what we do! if you want to protest, there 50,000 graves protest that and there are 3,000 + graves from 9/11 protest that! stop wasteing your time with train professional!

Aside from the grammar issues, I have no problem with his response. In fact, he CLEARLY proves to me WHY we need not be in this war. If we have problems right in our own land, WHY are we in someone else's country, raising havoc? That's a no-brainer.

Every Saturday on public access TV, they show a speech given by Minister Farrakhan. I tune in ALL the time to hear the knowledge he spits. Today's speech FOCUSED in on the United States government, specifically the CIA and how they INTENTIONALLY seek to destroy any kind of movement that is not in the interests of corporate America. He also went on to say that this is done internationally as well. They prepare the replacement then oust the person in charge. Think SADDAM HUSSEIN. Now America is in Iraq and the general public thinks we should be giving the people of Iraq a democracy. Is that what they want?

Does democracy mean freedom? Has democracy been a good thing for America? Democracy wasn't the intent of the founding fathers of this country. We are a republic. In a republic, the people are the MASTERS and the government is his servent. In a democracy, the will of the majority is law. Anything is allowed so long as the majority approves. A lynch mob qualifies as a democracy.

Let me quote from the U.S. Army Training Manual TM2000-05, 1928

Democracy, n. "A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of "direct" expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic - negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy."

Interesting. The U.S. Army has been successful in instituting democracy in the Middle East. The results are demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, and COMPLETE and TOTAL ANARCHY.

I'm not sure if I even addressed the issues that bruh man brought to me, as was my original intent with this post. However, I got a lotta things off my chest that I felt like speaking on.


Monday, October 23, 2006


What happened to the passionate people in the world?

Sometimes I get so down when I think about the state of the world. I look at my generation and wonder where all the passionate people went.

Why aren't there mass anti-war demonstrations like in the 60's? Do we need a draft to spur people into action?

Have I been born in the wrong generation? When will this generation STAND UP and be TOTALLY interested in the world that is left for their children?

Why aren't there more people questioning the loss of their civil liberties?

When government passes laws that are totally anti-freedom, why aren't MORE people speaking up about it?

Are we truly more interested in the state of our sexual prowess than we are in the world that we leave for our children?

Are we more interested in our bank accounts than we are in the environment we raise our children in?

Do more laws mean less criminals?

Do people really understand what is of true value? The lines have been blurred and generations have been raised on the almighty dollar being the measure of value.

**sigh** It's sad... yet I want to maintain my belief that SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE people will stand up and do something. ANYTHING!

Get interested! The time is NOW! Watch the FREE MOVIE here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Aftermath

Photo courtesy of MotherNature-Hawaii

Here I am... No real damage done to me or mine.

708am, Sunday -- I find myself violently shaking in my bed. I get up, glance around, grab onto my husband and realize that I had just experienced an earthquake... first time in my life. As I begin to calm down, I hear an EXTREMELY loud rumbling and start to see the house begin to shake... again. My heart hadn't even slowed its pace from the first quake and round two was already upon us.

As I said -- no damage done to me or mine.

Five minutes after the quake, Hawaiian Electric cut the power to the ENTIRE main island of O'ahu... which is the one I reside on. It happened to be THEEE hottest day of the year. Oddly, folks on the island of Hawai'i, closest to the epicenter of the quake went but five minutes WITHOUT power and it was back on. One is led to question WHY the island of O'ahu went without electric for over 12 hours... for some even LONGER.

If that wasn't strange enough, I remember early this past summer, HECO orchestrated an INTENTIONAL black out to over 35,000 customers in the urban areas of Honolulu for over 4 hours. I remember the spokesperson for HECO warning consumers to expect more.

I could go into greater detail about the theories floating around from some of my recent reading material and lectures I've attended. There's peak oil -- you can read Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert. Excellent read and TOTALLY believable. He ties in the 9/11 theories of government involvement in the orchestrating of the collapse of the three towers in NYC.

At the exact OPPOSITE end of peak-oil theory is the "Enery Non-Crisis". I attended a recent lecture featuring Lindsey Williams, author of "The Energy Non Crisis". He speaks of government manipulation of fuel prices that will make the energy crisis of the 70's look like a walk in the park. He expects the price of fuel to rise beyond $7/gallon AFTER the November elections.

Whatever you choose to read about Energy is TOTALLY up to you -- but read something. DON'T DON'T DON'T believe everything you hear on the network news. **sigh**

After being WITHOUT the modern convenience of electric for nearly 24 hours, I was instantly reminded of EVERYTHING I had read and listened in on. Though our family was TOTALLY prepared for such an event, I was still very agitated at the very real idea of a FORCED blackout... as the HECO spokesman had alluded to, earlier in the summer.

I feel like this whole entire country is one huge PETRIE dish. We are the controlled environment. We are force-fed network news to sway general opinion. Events like 9/11... stimuli! Katrina... stimuli! Iraq... stimuli! Fans of the TV series, The Lost, can probably relate to this idea I'm feeling.

The weather -- It was eeerily still... like the calm before a HUGE storm. It was weird and I totally neglected taking pictures of the ocean and the skies. I was way busy battling the heat and humidity and battling the thoughts of being manipulated by the powers that be -- the secret combinations.

America, WAKE UP!

The end thought of this post, The Aftermath: My mind is as sharp as ever, my soul not yet wounded by a decaying society, my heart -- hopeful!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Rainy Days... Under the Weather

So I'm under weather... right?! Right!

I called in sick. Went to my mother's house. Sipped on some hot tea while we had a movie marathon. Okay well... it wasn't a marathon. We watched two movies, though.

First up was Last Holiday. Starring Queen Latifah. I had wanted to see it in the theatres but never got the chance. It was kinda fun. No brain cells needed to process the movie. I don't think Latifah is that great of an actress but I admire her nonetheless. I love L.L. -- the dimples and lickin' his lips. Yummy!!! The story -- simple enough. Alls well, ends well... happy ending. Yay!

Second up was Chocolat. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was so European. Wherever they filmed it was just wonderful. Old buildings. Glorious facades. A small town built around a cathedral. Those very things that I loved about the movie is what made me so homesick on my own visit to Europe. That's another blog though... I think I'll revisit the topic in another blog. The story was simple enough... and its told a million times over. The love scenes were quite steamy!

So anyway -- that's how I spent my sick day. Curled up, sipping hot tea and watching movies.

Under the Weather...

I'm a little under the weather today. It seems I caught a cold or the flu or something. Life has been so hectic lately.

I got a new gig downtown... makin' the kinda money I should be making. I'll have to commute now but it's worth it for the very specific financial goals I have.

My old job is kinda hanging on to me for dear life. I'm slightly irritated. Boss Lady claims she needs me but won't give me the status I need to reach my goals. So... I had to bounce. It was just too convenient for them to have me and not fulfill any of my needs.

Husband and I moved... our place is HUGE... its great!

So I'm sniffling and sneezing and coughing, eyes all watery, ache-y... and all I wanna do is SLEEP.

See yall in a few...