Sunday, November 20, 2005

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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Porn... continued

Hey everybody!!! Thanks for the comments and your thoughts on PORN. I don't think I worded the questions right. I've been taking some heat about how condescending I sound when asking the questions... LOL... sorry guys and gals.

The truth is... I'm not an angel... but I'm trying to earn those wings. **winks** I'm trying to respect that the act of making love is SACRED, eternal, so close to Godliness.

I think PORN appeals to the most base desires of human nature. Everything we put in our bodies and in our minds will manifest itself EVENTUALLY.

What I hate about porn... ahhh...

Friday, November 11, 2005

What's Your Take?

I'd like to get a concensus on what people are REALLY thinking out there. I'm sure the women tell a DIFFERENT story than the men do. I'd really like to understand why people are so obsessed with porn.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please... let me know what you're thinking.

Does porn have an effect on a relationship?
Does it conflict with your morals?
Negative or positive effects on your life and your spirit?

Please... help me understand!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Random Thoughts

It's one of those days that I just can't think of ANYTHING to focus on. So here I iz with some random thoughts.

  • Why does the song Who Knows by musiq STILL give me butterflies in my belly? I'm listening to it right now and it just whisks me away.... to me and my baby's FIRST ANNIVERSARY

  • Speaking of anniversary... husband and I celebrate our second year of wedded bliss on Monday. We act like two teenagers falling in love. He still surprises me with special stuff... the last thing he got me was the FIRST SEASON of Lost. **blushing, if I could**

  • LOST... **sigh** ...did yall catch the newest episode? What was MOST surprising about the episode for you? I was not a fan of the show, even though they film ENTIRELY on the island I happen to live on, until husband got me the set. I almost returned the dang DVD set thinking I coulda bought a couple of seasons of Sex & The City. LOL... glad I didn't!

  • I caught a different bus home from work today... and there was a whole bunch of folks I knew on there. We laughed the WHOLE way home. I swore I was gonna sleep on the way home.

  • As I write this, with musiq in my ears and husband snoring in the background, I'm giggling like a school girl at the excitement I still feel when I look at husband. mmm mmm mmm... I swear I just wanna eat him up everytime I see him. Especially when we've been seperated by work... when we get home together... we just talk and talk like we've haven't seen each other in weeks.

  • Friday is a holiday... so I get to stay home. I promised my mama that I'd help her with some kinda fundraiser for my brothers school... so imma be doin' that with my holiday. My high school alma mater ALSO has a football game that night. I hope I can get to that.... but then again... they're putting it on TV. **shrugs** We'll see.

  • Random fact: Jack Johnson... the singer guy... see a cover of one of his CD's to the left... he's my classmate. We graduated from the same high school.... same year... the whole thing. His voice is ABSOLUTELY beautiful.
  • Tuesday, November 08, 2005


    Public transportation can be such a disappointment sometimes.

    Yesterday, a trip that normally takes an hour and a half took two hours and fifteen minutes. That's just ONE WAY. Yup, I spend 90 minutes on the bus just to get to work.

    Returning home takes another 90 minutes but you have to add the 30 minutes that I sit waiting for the bus. Yesterday, it was 30 minutes late. So, total travel time yesterday was four hours and fifteen minutes.

    Add in the eight hours I spent sitting at my desk. Add an hour for lunch. The total time away from home: 13 hours and fifteen minutes. It's so not worth it.

    4 hours Travel time (RT)
    +9 hours Work day
    =13 hours

    24 hours in the day
    -13 hours that I spent at work or en route
    =11 hours left in the day

    11 hours to play with
    -8 hours of sleep... which I rarely get. who sleeps for 8 hours?
    =3 hours ........ all I get is three hours to spend with my family

    So... this temp job ends at the end of this month. And I'm done! Having a job means NOT having a life.

    Saturday, November 05, 2005

    The Goings On

    I know folks have been wondering what's been goin' on with me. I can be an avid blogger. I enjoy writing as a means of purging myself of unnecessary baggage.... but lately, I've just been Missing in Action.

    There is so much going on in my world that it's hard to put my finger on JUST ONE THING that has kept me away from my blog. As I analyze things in my mind, I find that I categorize things into what I need and what I want.

    A couple of weeks ago, husband and I endeavored on actually writing down our goals. I've learned in the "seminar circuit" that writing down our goals separates them from just wishing it. This was actually a difficult exercise for me. I didn't complete it. It's like I'm afraid to dream further than what I've already dreamed up for myself. I'm afraid to write it down. Afraid to put it on paper because then I must hold myself to it. **sigh**

    I have changed so much in the past year that it is hard to imagine the way I was last year. Husband and I have placed ourselves on such an exciting journey. We had a deep discussion the other night about where our lives are headed. It can be said that the path we're on is less traveled. It can be said that the path is dangerous. Yet, I hear the rumblings in my spirit to STOP BEING average.

    In our discussion about this exciting new world, I told husband that I have the courage to continue on. Come what may, I will stand firm in my beliefs. So while folks claim to pledge allegiance to their hero's, I think we're all missing the point. Allegiance to our hero's means FOLLOWING them on their path... and that path is usually LESS TRAVELLED, fraught with danger yet unbelievably FULFILLING.

    Very few of us ever do what we were born to do. We allow ourselves to be shaped by what our parents and teachers want for us. Or we allow the media to manipulate us. But all of us have a purpose that is greater than we can imagine for ourselves. I believe we must follow that nagging in our gut to take the road less travelled instead of allowing the government and the school system beat us into submission.

    Remember that passion we had as teenagers... to CHANGE.THE.WORLD. Why aren't we changing the world? Why hasn't the world changed? Because what we fear is alienation. We fear retribution. We are afraid of going against the grain. We don't want to go to jail. All these things have LITTLE to do with our own moral compass. Yet it is that compass that should direct us... not FEAR.

    The highest power that I will EVER have to answer to is the Creator. The evil regime that runs this country today does not scare me. My direction is clear and I am not afraid anymore. I am not afraid of what will be said of me. It is of NO consequence.