Friday, January 14, 2011




I am super tired from the INSANITY workouts. It's one of the best investments I ever made in relation to my health. I am right on track, having completed my 11th workout. Sunday is the only day we take off and it's incorporated into the workout calendar. Last week's weigh-in had me losing 4LBS. I don't know how I'm doing this week. I hopped on the scale this morning and was not pleased. Maybe I'm retaining water???

Don't think I'm neglecting the blog. I'm just SUPER TIRED!!

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Unknown said...

If it makes you feel any better I started Insanity 8 workouts ago and haven't lost a single pound despite no overeating and occasionally doing extra 2-4 mile runs. It might just be that you're toning up and gaining muscle. I swore that I won't weigh myself for 2 weeks so I don't get discouraged.

Keep up the good work!