Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 14: What I Wore Today

Let's see... my last post about clothing ended with my favorite fashion item in high school -- the cut off jeans that turned into shorts. Today, I'm donning a pair of yoga pants and a "faux" polo shirt. I just returned from a meeting with the Student Activities Coordinator for my Alma Mater. Since I'm assisting him with the homecoming cheer fest, we've been meeting up every couple of days. The event is next Wednesday so when that's done, I have my budding business to work on. I'm so excited. I'm debating back and forth between non-profit 501(c)3 or a regular for-profit corporation. **shrugs**

Talking about fashion, I wanted to revisit some of the hit's in my wardrobe history. Really, it comes down to how much I like how I look in the picture.

This outfit was a fave soon after I split from my ex-husband. I really liked the khaki colored clam diggers. I believe I was headed to a late night shift at work. What ended up happening is after I completed my shift at work, I went straight to the bar. I was a regular at the bar after the demise of my first marriage. It filled the empty space.

This pic was taken in St. Louis, Missouri. It was the middle of winter, I was freezing cold and headed on a road trip to Florida. The layer of clothing slowly came off the further South I drove until my arrival in Key West, Florida found me in my swimsuit. In that period of my life, I had just eloped with the love of my life. He was off to Iraq and I was roaming the country. I was really feeling the baby blue, NC Tarheels color. EVERYTHING was baby blue in that outfit. Coat, Cap, Long Sleeve Tee, Jeans, Shoes... all of it was baby blue.
This outfit was worn for a ball held at the Hilton Cancun in Mexico. I love wearing the color red. I had hot pink/fuschia shoes on. Husband and I danced the night away. Great memories!

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hine.T said...

I loooove it! Loved the " comes down to how much I like how I look"....girl cuz I won't be postin' my nailz outfits, except maybe for a laugh. lol.

And I loooove wearing Red too! :)