Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Day 06: My Day

My day was... well... quite uneventful.

I woke up bright and early while husband was getting ready for work. He gives me "chicken skin" all through my body when I peek over at him fast asleep. This morning, I woke to peek over at him and he was wide awake on his laptop, reading the comments that were left overnight on his video blog. We had a good laugh at how "plugged in" the both of us are because I rolled out of bed and straight to my Blackberry.

After I sent husband off to work, I put my sneakers on and walked the dog. Some mornings I take our Shar-pei/ Mixed dog to the beach across Kamehameha Highway and let him run loose. He absolutely loves it to be able to run without a leash. I love to see him abounding with energy. He's such a good dog. His name is Stony. When Stony had expended all of his energy, we walked home. I gave him some water and fed him a nice meal of the dry, bagged stuff mixed with a 1/4 pound of chuck roast. I cubed it up in small pieces. Stony LOVES the beef.

As soon as I had Stony back in his corner of the yard, I donned my ipod and headed for a morning run. It was a beautiful morning! I recently set a goal to be able to do the Great Aloha Run in 3 hours instead of my usual 4. It is about an 8 mile run and today was day 2 of my recommitment to reaching my 3-hour goal. One day, I hope to do the Ironman Triathlon. It's a lofty goal but one I would like to pursue nonetheless. Aim high!

On my way home from the run, my nephew was in my Uncle's garage. I didn't know that he came with his mother from Utah. I was so happy to see him. He is such an adorable, little boy. He has a difficult time pronouncing esses. So when he says swim, it comes out "whim". His specific words when he seen me was, "Aunty, we go whim!" Too cute! I chit chatted there for a couple hours.

When I got home, I raked the yard and cleaned the drive way. Yardwork is so therapeutic for me. I'm not sure why that is. I had my iPod in my ears and I stayed out there for quite awhile. When I finally came into the house, I started on some homework, played some wii, had a bite to eat, and FINALLY took a shower.

Dinner consisted of some concoction I made up from countless observations of master and amateur chefs on the Food Network. I started by browning some bacon. Added some chopped onions. Turned the fire off and added a half a stick of butter. Added about a 1/2 cup of flour. I added about three pounds of chicken pieces. Coated it in the fat and flour mixture. Turned the fire back on. I slowly added milk until it was nice and creamy. Added brocolli and cheese, tossed in a pound of penne pasta and it was a done deal. It turned out really yummy!

That was my day. Nothing fancy. Nothing adventurous. The adventure begins tomorrow. Have a great day!


Ui said...

I miss going on walks down the street to the 3 tree beach. i love those 3 coconut trees. how you like no'a's haircut? lol. i miss the wildness. and miss u guys too!

LiafromLaie said...

Man! That dinner is making me hungry... it just sounds so YUMMY!