Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Day 05: My Definition of Love

I think my definition of love has changed over the years. As a child and teenager, it was largely shaped by the music I listened to. A typical "cassette" from back-in-the-day would be like this:

Please Don't Go Girl - New Kids on the Block
Don't You Want Me - Jody Watley
Shining Star - Manhattans
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
Roni - Bobby Brown
Still Say Yes - Klymaxx
Superwoman - Karyn White
Mercedes Boy - Pebbles
Lost In Emotion - Lisa Lisa
Slow Jam - Midnight Star

Always - Atlantic Starr
Share My World - El Debarge
My My My - Johnny Gill
Lost In Your Eyes - Debbie Gibson
A Teenage Love - Slick Rick
Do We Have a Chance - Whistle
I Need Love - L.L. Cool J
Borderline - Madonna
Separate Lives - Phil Collins
Out On A Limb - Tina Marie

Plainly stated...
Love is...
...when the way a person loves you makes you love yourself.

This has been my definition of love for the past 10 years or so. I formulated the phrase while writing in my diary. I have never forgot that definition. When people ask me, that's the phrase I use! Through my first marriage, when it was going well, I learned to love myself because of the way he loved me. It felt good. I felt good. I looked in the mirror and loved everything about myself. My definition applies to romantic love as well as familial relationships. It fits everywhere.

I reposted an article that I clipped about Love.

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