Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Got Me A Mac

My new iMac arrived today. I haven't owned an Apple computer since the early 90's... when I was just starting college. Lawdie it seems like yesterday. The coolest thing I've found, so far, is that there is no CPU. You just plug this bad boy in and you're ready to go. The monitor IS the CPU. I bought me a lil iPod Shuffle to go with it. I will probably use the iPod only at the gym.

I don't really know what some of the GREATEST features are with this computer. I have only heard good things about an iMac. So I'm wondering -- what are your opinions about the iMac? I'm anxious to find out what this computer has the capacity to do.

I've been adjusting to how you navigate on this computer. I had the toughest time trying to find the internet. Goodness gracious, while the PC "surfs", iMac goes on a "safari". Interesting. I understand what Apple is trying to do. They're trying to revamp and redefine language, so as to create NEW colloquial terms. I get it. That's a subtle marketing tool.

I'm impressed with how clear the graphics are. However, I miss my "right click" abilities. The apple mouse DOES NOT right click.... or does it come with an enhanced version of "right click"? For me, I save a lot of images from the internet. The loss of the "right click" function almost brings my saving pictures to a stand still. **sigh** Maybe I just have to change how I do it.

I'm digging the built-in cam. I've already been playing with my photo booth. It's really fun. The built-in speakers puts out really nice sound. And just the look is so modern... so very classy! I love it. I just have to get used to doing things a different way.

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