Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attitude of Gratitude

Time just flies by.

I've been writing more and more in my journal rather than on this blog. There's something about handwriting something that makes my creative juices really flow. I know I've read or heard somewhere about the connection between the two.

Most of my entries have been about how grateful I am for the life I have, for the husband that shares my universe, for the WONDERFUL family I have. I just can't see my life without any of it. I've been voicing my aspirations as a form of "pre-writing" my history. I decide! As I said in a previous post -- MY UNIVERSE IS DELIBERATE!

So... what's the world been like for you?

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ShellyP said...

I have way too much to be thankful for!

I find that I want to write but when I sit in front of the computer nothing comes. I really believe that I picked up a pen things would flow much better. But to find a pen....