Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hooray For Watada

Photo Courtesy of Ted S. Warren/AP File

The Hawai'i Boy Lt. Ehren Watada is outta the woods for now. HOOOOORAY!!! I love that he challenges the status quo. Guess what folks? Know the law and be well disposed to use it. That's really ALL that it takes. If you know ALL of your rights, no one can "jerk" you around. Seriously, that's what Huey and Bobby was preachin' back in the day. They knew the weapons laws on the books in California and were able to gague their approach on social change.

IMAGINE! Imagine what kinda country we'd live in if EVERYONE actually sat down and studied the laws that govern them. Ignorance of the law is DEFINITELY NOT adequate defense in the judicial system. It would actually be in your favor to study it.

Everyone has an opinion on the Watada situation. I admire him for the undertaking. Simply put -- BRILLIANT.... and I support him. He's a TRUE PATRIOT.

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