Monday, April 23, 2007

The Difference Is...

Husband and I are doing a sort of "renewal" of our vows kinda thing, this coming weekend. It's so much deeper than that but in this forum, that's all I'm willing to give. So on Saturday, we went to Celebrity Tuxedo to rent him a nice tuxedo. I think he's gonna look sharp! I'll post pics later.

My dress is being sewn - bridal satin and green organza. I hope it will look gorgeous on me. **winks** Red is my favorite color but my mama said that I better not wear red... so I settled for my second favorite color... GREEN. It's actually a sage green and it will overlay the white satin. GORGEOUS!!!

My life is so beautiful now... like MAGICAL. I was diggin' in some of my old journals from the former marriage. I can't believe how far I've come as a woman and how I FINALLY see my own self-worth to want more from a relationship. Like clockwork -- when I raised that proverbial "bar", my HUSBAND stepped up to it.

When you raise that "bar", you are telling anyone you let in your world that there are certain deal-breakers; things that you will ABSOLUTELY NOT compromise. If you require total fidelity -- don't compromise that because you think it would be easier to have an open relationship therefore rationalizing that "cheating" DID NOT occur. It requires too much emotion and a portion of your heart and mind will NEVER really trust the other person. DEAL BREAKER!

I wish you could read what my life was like just a couple of years ago.... by going through my journals and sneaking a peek into my past. I love where I am today. I love the man who shares my world. He is THE ONE.

So, the difference in what I had before and what I have now has nothing to do with who I'm with. I'm different TODAY. I expect more and demand more, in turn the people that couldn't keep up with that have exited my life... and the one's that could are still here! The difference is ME!


The Brown Blogger said...


Impressed and amazed I am in you.

Sweet KeiKei said...

i too am in awe....

i'm trying to raise that bar myself. i guess that only happens with time and growth.

God bless both you and your husband. You are BEAUTIFUL together!!!

Pamalicious said...

I definately need to go back and do some reading. Why are we so ---->HERE<-----

ShellyP said...

How did the renewal go? Any pix?

Red is my favorite color too!