Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shut It Off!

Still in OKLAHOMA... my roomie is watching FoxNews... Bill O'Reilly. Uggghhh... gag me!

I make it a point to AVOID the spin and outright lies spewed by ALL major news networks. Bill O'Reilly being at the top of my list of newscasters/spin-meisters to avoid!!!! He's talking about the Virginia Tech shootings. He's calling a bunch a people EVIL. Frankly, I think Bill O'Reilly is a whore for the corporations that own him.

The media is taking this way outta control and is using this as a distraction from the dropping dollar, the war in Iraq, the pending war in Iran, a government that is falling apart... you get the picture.

I think the shootings are absolutely horrific. However, there's something funny about this whole thing but I just won't state it in a public forum. Anyway, why do we feed into the hype?

What would happen if we all just shut off our TV's right now and stopped listening to the BOOBS ON THE TUBE?
  • I would like to suggest that stress levels would drop.

  • Our focus would be more on our communities and mending our broken families.

  • We would think clearer and be able to form our own opinions based on our instinct rather than the spin on mainstream media.

  • Our direction for our families would change from being media-driven to being driven by the need to be close.

  • The list could go on and on. You can think of better things to do than watching the BOOBS ON THE TUBE.

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    The Brown Blogger said...

    Dammit, I agree.


    Turn that stuff off and get out...

    It's nice outside.