Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hungry For Knowledge

Lately, I've been feeling HUNGRY for knowledge. I don't know if any of you have ever felt like that. I feel famished for NEW things to read. I read one or two books a week. Most of it -- non-fiction. Every now and again, I get a novel in but I haven't read anything that has moved me lately.

I need to stop reading books or watching movies that ALREADY CONFIRM what I believe. Rather, I should be reading things that challenge the capacity of my mind.

I'm super stimulated by all things metaphysical. I have always been that way since I was a child. On both sides of the family -- there were several women that practiced metaphysical theories which include healing, channeling, and even black magic. I would really like to develop the ability to aide in healing.

I feel like I have so little time to learn everything I want to learn. My mother and father are aging and I'm so desperate to know what they know. Both of my parents were taught some of the healing practices that my mothers mother knew and I need to learn that.

So tell me. Are you hungry for knowledge? What do you want to learn?


Sweet KeiKei said...

I am definitely hungry for knowledge.....I want to learn about people and how to effectively deal with them; I want to learn about the government and how I can make some changes for African Americans; I want to learn how to write songs because I have some stuck in my head; I want to learn how to really live my life for me and be content....There is sooooo much that I want to learn!!!

T. S. Snowden said...

I am hungry for knowledge! I want to learn italian for some reason and I really want to perfect my spanish.

If you really want to learn about metaphysical faiths I would be happy to share some book titles and information. I have practiced a form of alternative religion for nearly 20 years. The faith includes self healing through meditation, natural herb remedies and some inclusion of the Orisha (most commonly known as Voodoun