Friday, April 08, 2011

Current Events: Government Shutdown

One quick point I would like to make:

The current media is a government machine for the purpose of furthering propaganda. It is a form of mind control.

So what has been in the headlines for the last couple of days? THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUTTING DOWN!!

The idea of the government shutting down is ridiculous. What I think is going to happen in relation to this is an imposition of a draconian-type legislation, similar to the Patriot Act, that will force the masses to submit to an ever-enlarging government, ever-increasing tax burden, and that top 1% will get richer and richer and richer. Slavery, I say!

They (Legislators) create this huge problem: THE GOVERNMENT SHUTTING DOWN

"Hundreds of thousands of workers are suddenly out of paychecks." -Obama said that in a Press Conference today. This is an appeal to your emotions and the rationale of millions of federal workers who rely on those pay checks to live. Here's a novel idea -- why doesn't CONGRESS take a pay cut? Why does a government-shut-down mean that blue-collar folks will not get paid? If the government shuts down -- let it be in Washington D.C. **sigh**

In the old days, before the Federal Reserve System was created, the government had to ask the people (citizen/ tax payer) for more funds. Now, thanks to the Federal Reserve and legislation like Fractional Reserve Banking, Congress no longer has to ask the people for money. They just ask the Federal Reserve to print more money. Here's an example of Fractional Reserve Banking:
1. Congress goes to the Federal Reserve and asks for 10B -- they get the 10B
2. Congress in turn uses that money to pay all Federal Employees, including themselves.
3. Federal Employees turn around and deposit their money in a Federal Reserve bank (most banks operate under the Federal Reserve).
NOTE: that 10B has successfully been injected into the economy.

But with Fractional Reserve Banking, it doesn't end there. If all of that 10B gets deposited into the bank, it will show up on the Bank's books as an asset. Fractional reserve banking requires that the bank only have 10% of what it lends out to be on reserve. (Read it over a couple of times before you move on.)

If 10 Billion was deposited...... that means the banks can lend out 100 Billion. 90 Billion has been created out of thin air! On top of that... they charge interest!! **sigh** Does that make any sense to you? Following the money trail, who benefits from that?

So, let's think about this supposed GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN... what's really going on? Is it as I am implying: that the mass media machine is advancing the financial agenda of the elite power class? I would have to say........ DUH!!!

And the American people, feeling the pressure of having to pay bills and save the federal worker and hold down a mortgage and keep the heat on and feed their children and send their kid to college and on and on and on.... will ultimately fold to whatever "those people" in Washington decide.

What would happen if allllll the Federal workers walked out tomorrow?
What would happen if we all said ENOUGH is ENOUGH and we all stopped paying our mortgages and simply WALKED AWAY?
What would happen if government was as small as it was in its inception?
What would happen if we let the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN as they are making it sound in the media?

We can overcome!
We must!

It has to start somewhere. Let it be now. Call your congressperson and tell them what you REALLY think. Tell them they need a paycut and not the blue collar guy or gal just trying to feed their family and put a roof over head.


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...
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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

Girl, You and Jared need to have a session on this topic. He is so passionate about this too. He just finished the Creature From Jekyll Island. And I can’t believe some of the things he tells me about the book! SCANDALOUS!

I ask myself the same question. Why can't they all take a pay cut instead of cutting everyone else's jobs/pay?! Will email congressmen! . . .Then vote them out! Time to clean house!

Now I know why Mrs. Smith kept hitting and pounding the podium with her fist everytime she lectured us on Government. LOL

Friday, April 08, 2011 8:19:00 AM