Thursday, November 10, 2005

Random Thoughts

It's one of those days that I just can't think of ANYTHING to focus on. So here I iz with some random thoughts.

  • Why does the song Who Knows by musiq STILL give me butterflies in my belly? I'm listening to it right now and it just whisks me away.... to me and my baby's FIRST ANNIVERSARY

  • Speaking of anniversary... husband and I celebrate our second year of wedded bliss on Monday. We act like two teenagers falling in love. He still surprises me with special stuff... the last thing he got me was the FIRST SEASON of Lost. **blushing, if I could**

  • LOST... **sigh** ...did yall catch the newest episode? What was MOST surprising about the episode for you? I was not a fan of the show, even though they film ENTIRELY on the island I happen to live on, until husband got me the set. I almost returned the dang DVD set thinking I coulda bought a couple of seasons of Sex & The City. LOL... glad I didn't!

  • I caught a different bus home from work today... and there was a whole bunch of folks I knew on there. We laughed the WHOLE way home. I swore I was gonna sleep on the way home.

  • As I write this, with musiq in my ears and husband snoring in the background, I'm giggling like a school girl at the excitement I still feel when I look at husband. mmm mmm mmm... I swear I just wanna eat him up everytime I see him. Especially when we've been seperated by work... when we get home together... we just talk and talk like we've haven't seen each other in weeks.

  • Friday is a holiday... so I get to stay home. I promised my mama that I'd help her with some kinda fundraiser for my brothers school... so imma be doin' that with my holiday. My high school alma mater ALSO has a football game that night. I hope I can get to that.... but then again... they're putting it on TV. **shrugs** We'll see.

  • Random fact: Jack Johnson... the singer guy... see a cover of one of his CD's to the left... he's my classmate. We graduated from the same high school.... same year... the whole thing. His voice is ABSOLUTELY beautiful.
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    Anonymous said...

    re: Jack Johnson. I have one of his cd's, don't listen enough - but definitely like him!