Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Public transportation can be such a disappointment sometimes.

Yesterday, a trip that normally takes an hour and a half took two hours and fifteen minutes. That's just ONE WAY. Yup, I spend 90 minutes on the bus just to get to work.

Returning home takes another 90 minutes but you have to add the 30 minutes that I sit waiting for the bus. Yesterday, it was 30 minutes late. So, total travel time yesterday was four hours and fifteen minutes.

Add in the eight hours I spent sitting at my desk. Add an hour for lunch. The total time away from home: 13 hours and fifteen minutes. It's so not worth it.

4 hours Travel time (RT)
+9 hours Work day
=13 hours

24 hours in the day
-13 hours that I spent at work or en route
=11 hours left in the day

11 hours to play with
-8 hours of sleep... which I rarely get. who sleeps for 8 hours?
=3 hours ........ all I get is three hours to spend with my family

So... this temp job ends at the end of this month. And I'm done! Having a job means NOT having a life.


chase said...

shit...i feel you. im so lost right now, i feel frozen. I dont know what to do about anything, so im doing nothing, which depresses me even more. why does money have to play such a huge part in our life? it seems everyone has a hustle but me, and yes, i am afraid to go to jail for a hustle. but when you're feeling backed into a corner with no end in sight....what to do?

WIP said...

I just wanted you to know that I left a kind word for you over in ShellyP's comment spot. I know that your blogging has been MIA (per your previous post) and I understand that all too well. I also noticed that I've been ex-communicated from the daily reads of yours. Is it that in our blogging adventure we make and lose readership because, like relationships it takes a toll on us? I sometimes think my blog roll and keeping up with the Jones' consume me so much I often want to rid my list. But I think it's a nice way for others to link with others; spread the love. It kind of stings when one notices subtle changes where they once were linked. The best to you on your journey. I so love your writing ... even if I'm not here as often as I'd like.

NeenaLove said...

@ proactiff... it's not even like that... BLOGGER swallowed my page the other day when i was changing it... those on my 'daily reads' was all i could remember. but thanks for stopping in... so i can get everyone i HAD... back on.

The_Practitioner said...

Wow that's depressing.

Great job breaking down the hours of the day. But actually looking at it on paper like that is quite the bummer. Work sucks.

Jez Chill said...

Sounds like the life I left in CA. Now that my commute is 10 mins, I must admit that my quality of life is MUCH better. Better luck with the location of your next job.