Monday, May 16, 2005

School Daze

School Daze is a movie in my very TINY DVD collection. I'm not really a movie buff. I enjoy movies, to an extent.... but this post has NOTHING to do with the movie, School Daze but has EVERYTHING to do with my school daze(days).

I rarely look at what lifes lessons have taught me... really! I think, perhaps, that's what perpetuates my hopefulness in humanity. Which brings me to this post. What have I learned from social situations during my school days? The following are "rules" I've acquired....

1. Really GOOD friends will always be GOOD friends -- I still enjoy friendships that started way back in pre-school. Isn't that amazing? Some of my really good friends I've known since I could walk. And there are those that I met in 7th grade that are still a part of my life today. College buddies... hmmm... well... some of them are still around. Of course I've had to let some of these people go their own way and detach myself from their toxic ways... but it doesn't erase any memories we've created together.

2. People, in general, are always looking for the next best thing -- My school days had me deciding what weekend plans I would follow through on OR selecting a prom date... but always, in the back of my head, I was willing to skip out on set plans for the "next best thing". Adults that are always holding out for something better got their start during those school days. My folks didn't really let me skip out on things I committed myself to and I'm grateful because... I'm IN anything, come what may.

3. Rumors spread like wildfire, while the good stuff just simmers -- Sad but true, rumors speak to the most base parts of our human condition. Why is it easier to believe the negative stuff? There are a dozen stories I could tell about rumors that ran around back in high school... but I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY knows what I'm talking about.

4. Stupid boys more than likely grow out of it -- LOL... Back in high school, I went out with this dude.... to the prom. He was a star defensive lineman on the Football team... and I just thought he was a cutie. Well, sometimes he was a jerk. Stupid boy! Two years after we graduated from high school, he sent a letter to my mothers house. I don't know how he got my address. Basically, he apologized for being a jerk and also thanked me for all the good times and the memories. I was floored. He grew out of that immaturity that I was so sure he'd never do. LOL

5. Insecurities continue on UNLESS you get rid of them -- We all agree that adolescence is tough. I mean, during my school days I was insecure about EVERYTHING. I doubted myself all the time. Over the years... I've let go of all the self-doubt and rebuilt the person I am. Serious. I am sooooo not the woman I was 15 years ago... and I'm grateful. My opinion of self is above all else.

Okay... those were five neat little rules I've learned during my School Daze(days). What are some things you've learned?

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