Sunday, May 15, 2005

Been So Tired Lately

**heavy sigh**
i've been so tired lately folks. i mean... usually... i'm in here BLOGGIN' away with at least some kind of post in the works... as of late -- NONE... zilch... nada. though i have tons of things i'd love to write about -- most times, i don't make it to the computer before i make it to bed. i haven't even been reading folks blogs either -- the voyeur in me sez that's usually the best thing about logging on. LOL. so for now, this will have to do.

BTW: my "niece"(a friends daughter) sez i look like a hooker in the blue hat on my banner. i had to CRACK up about that!!!

hugz and sunshine kisses,


Chele said...


NeenaLove said...

@chele... you are SOOO right!!! i need to cut it all out again.

Chele said...

Same thing happens to me when I increase my carb intake. My face puffs up and the lethargy kicks in. Carbs are evil. LOL

NeenaLove said...

uhhhh.... now i really need to get it together... i never noticed that i puff up with the carb intake increase.

ShellyP said...

Something's been going around. I've been wanting to blog but I've been so busy, my head's been all blurry. I'm trying to get back on the ball too. I was on a diet.

Diva said...

I get like that when I'm PMS'ing. I have lots of stuff I could publish, but my body says, "Hell no Diva, get your ass back in bed, grab the remote, and watch porno movies for the rest of the week! LOL
See, I'm PMS'ing now, but it's just gettin' started. The scarlet beast will emerge soon (probably Friday). In the meantime, I'll do my Pilates in the mornings and flip folks off in the Bye sweetie pie!