Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thomas Series: The Betrayal | Part V

The Recap: Last episode I started my sinful digression into infidelity. **sigh** Yep... and Thomas called me on it. What had my mind boggled is... how did he find out? He was supposed to be in the 'field' playing army man, cutoff from all communication to the outside world. And somehow he had acquired incriminating information on me.

Thomas returns from the field and we carry on where we left off... kinda. I had tasted what I had been missing out on in the single life and was really wanting it back. Being with somebody on the steady was, fa real, cramping my style. The thought that he was married and leaving his wife for me, a woman he barely even knew, further IRRITATED me. I was done.

Only question is how do I cut him loose? Within four months, I had moved in with him, he had "left" his wife, he asked me to marry him and, well, I just didn't know how to let him down easy. He had left his wife and he was losing me at the same time... I almost felt guilty. ALMOST. So you know what I did? I continued to let him hang around and I tried "acting" like everything was all good. Basically... I stayed in the relationship and continued to cheat on him. I know! I know! Terrible, terrible ME. **shrugs** You live and learn.

The Betrayal began as soon as he returned from the field. One night,Thomas and I are hanging out with 'my girls'. I'm stoned outta my mind and had the munchies. So Thomas goes to the store to buy me food and a few of the 'girls' wanna go riding. I lay back at the house and pass out. Thomas wakes me and tells me the food's here and we leave to go back to our crib. On the way, I open up my Covey Day Planner and see what appointments I have planned for the following day. NOTHING. The day is free and clear... except... there's a note in there... in Thomas' handwriting.

Hmmm... I read it and the devil horns begin to sprout, the steam shoots out from my ears, the eyes turn red and a pitchfork appears in my hand. YES, the note conjured up some ANGER. It was quite a lengthy note. I knew immediately that it was Thomas' handwriting. He denied it the whole time. Further working my nerve! The note said that I was messing up a good thing. And it went into GREAT detail about how wrong I was treating my man. If I didn't take care of my man, someone else would, etc, etc. And it was "Signed, A Friend". **smirk** Whateva!

He went to unbelievable lengths to write the note but didn't even try to disguise the handwriting. You know this note was written when him and 'the girls' went to the store to buy munchies. When I confronted the girls on it, they all got kinda quiet. I got zero response on it. Strike one on the CONSPIRACY happening between 'my girls' and Thomas.

Strike two happened when I went out with the girls to the E Club one evening. Prior to this incident, I had successfully cheated on Thomas for a month. Nothing to be proud of just giving a time line. Anyway, I am STILL in the mindset that the girls had my back, come what may. Goin' out with just the ladies was my way of shaking Thomas off me and being able to rendezvous with the man I was cheating with. (That man turned out to be my first husband.) On the way to the club all I do is describe my rendezvous man and how WONDERFUL he is. Anyway, as soon as we get to the E Club, I call up my rendezvous and he swoops me up. I'm missing in action that whole weekend... cuddled up with him.

While I'm cuddled up with him, Mish calls me up and asks me questions like....

"where are you?" ...she knew where I was
"who are you with?" ...she knew who I was with
"when are you coming back?" ...she knew it was just a matter of time

...unfortunately, I obviously WAS NOT bright enough to recognize what I just did. I just incriminated myself because, guess what? Thomas was on the line the whole time. I hadn't thought that far ahead and didn't think in a million years that Mish would ever betray me. It was downhill from there. Strike TWO!!!

Strike THREE happened at a barbecue. There was this park EVERYBODY used to hang out at on Sundays. Barbecue Grills going, flashy cars, lots and lots of alcohol, a whole lotta single people -- on Sunday's -- you'd find this at the Park. So guess what? I roll up there with Thomas and 'my girls' in tow. We're hangin' out, drinking, partying. Nothing in the world can bring me down. Then.... enter my rendezvous man who sees me laughing and having a good time. He knows ALL about Thomas. So rendezvous man decides it'd be great to come up and speak. Lawd that opened a can of worms.
I'm cordial to rendezvous man and at the same time HELLA worried about Thomas' reaction. Rendezvous man says hello, his friends come up and speak then they all leave. Of course... ALL 'my girls' point out the infamous rendezvous man then Thomas loses it!

The betrayal is complete. I have been sold out by "my girls".

**begin "What About Your Friends" by TLC**

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