Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Things In My Brain

I have been thoroughly uninspired lately. It's possibly because I've been so busy with school. I started on my undergrad degree... AGAIN! It's on my bucket list and I finally have the time to do it. I'm jobless out here in Alabama so I have so much time on my hands. I am enjoying the "no-responsibility" vibe.

The whole idea was for me to work on my novel. That's another task on my bucket list. I really do have a novel in the works. My closest family and friends have gotten their hands on the first couple of pages and I've gotten good responses so far. What I really need is someone that will tear it apart and tell me what really sucks about it or what characters need re-working. It's so close to my heart that I don't really trust just anybody reading it. I need to know that the person critiquing it is sincere. **sigh**

I just finished my first 10-page research paper. The class is History 223, History of the Native American. I forgot just how interesting research papers can be, especially if it's covering a topic that I enjoy. The title I selected - "Solving the Indian Problem: The Institutional Genocide of the Native American". I think that if the classes continue to be as fulfilling and as quick as the last couple of courses I've been taking, all will be just fine. By next February, I will have 30 credits under my belt. I intend to increase my semester load to 18, maybe 20 credits.

Since I'm done with my paper, I'll have more free time to do some real creative writing here and on my novel.



Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

I'm sure that your professors will enjoy reading your papers since you do it so very well.

LiafromLaie said...
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LiafromLaie said...

Girl! I know TONS of people that would be willing to read your novel and tear it apart.

All former English Majors... so you KNOW they'll voice their opinions loud and clear... and of course I can say that since that was my major ;)

Let me know though how serious you are and I can get in touch with these individuals I have in mind that could probably help you a lot... I need to see if they're willing. And that way if you wanted we could set up a blind reading... so you wouldn't feel as if they're being nice :)