Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random Ramblings

I have no direction today. No serious thoughts or playful memories to share. All I have in front of me is a blank screen that beckons me to write something. Anything!

My day's have been swallowed up by trips to Mililani, searching for an apartment to move to. We have discharged moving to the continental U.S. for right now. That decision might creep up on us in the future but for right now, we're settling in Mililani for the next couple of months.

My night's are spent reading. I'm trying to get through Eat Pray Love. I'm a third of the way through. The book reads like a diary of thoughts; like a blog! She references sensuality to many of her experiences in Italy. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I look forward to her experience in the ashram. Maybe that will bring some spiritual epiphany's for the author or maybe even for me.

I would love to sit at the foot of a Buddhist monk and study for a couple of months. What an experience that would be. I don't know the logistics of how that would work. However, Husband and I have been looking for work abroad. We have also considered the Peace Corp. That might assist with my desire to study the Buddha or to experience an ashram.

Well, whatever great thing is in store for husband and I... we're ready!

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