Monday, October 09, 2006

Rainy Days... Under the Weather

So I'm under weather... right?! Right!

I called in sick. Went to my mother's house. Sipped on some hot tea while we had a movie marathon. Okay well... it wasn't a marathon. We watched two movies, though.

First up was Last Holiday. Starring Queen Latifah. I had wanted to see it in the theatres but never got the chance. It was kinda fun. No brain cells needed to process the movie. I don't think Latifah is that great of an actress but I admire her nonetheless. I love L.L. -- the dimples and lickin' his lips. Yummy!!! The story -- simple enough. Alls well, ends well... happy ending. Yay!

Second up was Chocolat. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was so European. Wherever they filmed it was just wonderful. Old buildings. Glorious facades. A small town built around a cathedral. Those very things that I loved about the movie is what made me so homesick on my own visit to Europe. That's another blog though... I think I'll revisit the topic in another blog. The story was simple enough... and its told a million times over. The love scenes were quite steamy!

So anyway -- that's how I spent my sick day. Curled up, sipping hot tea and watching movies.


The Brown Blogger said...

I've been spending the last 2 and a half weeks curled up, doing the movie thing.

When I'm not rehabbing my shoulder.

Aziza said...

Neena, I heard that there was a earthquake in Hawaii this morning. I hope that you and your family are okay. I have a friend, her husband, and kids who are there. You all are the first people I thought of when I heard this news. I pray that everyone is okay.

The Brown Blogger said...

We need to hear from you.

I'm emailing (spamming) you if not by tomorrow.