Monday, October 23, 2006


What happened to the passionate people in the world?

Sometimes I get so down when I think about the state of the world. I look at my generation and wonder where all the passionate people went.

Why aren't there mass anti-war demonstrations like in the 60's? Do we need a draft to spur people into action?

Have I been born in the wrong generation? When will this generation STAND UP and be TOTALLY interested in the world that is left for their children?

Why aren't there more people questioning the loss of their civil liberties?

When government passes laws that are totally anti-freedom, why aren't MORE people speaking up about it?

Are we truly more interested in the state of our sexual prowess than we are in the world that we leave for our children?

Are we more interested in our bank accounts than we are in the environment we raise our children in?

Do more laws mean less criminals?

Do people really understand what is of true value? The lines have been blurred and generations have been raised on the almighty dollar being the measure of value.

**sigh** It's sad... yet I want to maintain my belief that SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE people will stand up and do something. ANYTHING!

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The Brown Blogger said...

Were we raised in the same household?

Have the same teachers and mentors?

Share the same passion?

I meant to post comments a few days ago but Blogger... Well, you know.

I just wish we can hear more from you.