Monday, July 31, 2006

My Dearest Ex-Husband

My Dearest Ex-Husband ~ Sounds like life has been treating you WELL lately. I'm so happy for you & her. I wish I could tell her all the wonderful things I've always known about you BUT that would steal the fun outta the newness of your lives together. I am truly, genuinely happy for you. I have ALWAYS wanted you to be happy even if it was without me. I have so many good memories of us. Above all, we have always been such good friends and I hope that NEVER changes. You deserve a wonderful life. Go out and get it!

Your well-being has always weighted heavy on my mind. I felt like I could have done more to help you see past the pain. But I knew you'd make it out on your own time. A bit of advice, if I may... send her flowers at work for no reason... just cuz you miss her or you love her. That can erase self-doubt and animosity. The gesture has the power to make a woman fall in love over and over again. You will never go wrong with that. "Find 100 Ways". Do at least one nice thing for her everyday. A woman needs constant reassurance and IT IS YOUR job to make sure she gets it. Whether it's a little note in her purse or lipstick notes on the mirror, big or small, it doesn't matter. Be kind and ever compassionate. Let me stop.

Your soul is so beautiful, so beyond explanation. The both of you are blessed to have each other. Be good to each other. Live a beautiful life full of love and joy... maybe one day we'll run into each other again. Please know that you will always have a soft spot in my heart. Just cuz we're not married to each other anymore, doesn't mean that soft spot went away. *winks*


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peace sis.. u still write amazingly well..