Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mizz Busy-Body

This is what I have on my "plate" currently...

-creating a charter school, acquiring funding, creating curriculum... all that stuff
-acquiring real estate -- i want my first piece of property
-conceiving -- i'm ready as i'll ever be
-involvement in my community association -- a work in progress. i'm still trying to figure out the in's and out's of it
-the freedom fight -- check sites like or or or -- by far... the most rewarding!! brother and i have joint endeavors as well... and we're going to begin working on it. a magazine -- he and i are still figuring out the actual theme... brainstorming is ongoing.

My commitment to meeting and exceeding my goals is a fairly recent ideal. At least for me, it is. i attended a Champions Workshop and continued to Personal Mastery. (Find this series of workshops at ) it has changed my life -- in so many good and exciting ways. I am more aware of where i'd like to go and what i'd like my life to mean. This human existence is such a short period of time in the eons that my soul has existed. Why get stuck reliving the bad "stuff" that happened in this world? My eyes are focused on eternity and helping others see the vision!

Seems I'm content and excited about the power in my soul that is able to effect POSITIVE change.

I'm willing to walk the walk. Are you?

2 comments: said...

i, too, and trying to focus on realizing my goals... 'actualizing' my goals... finishing, then setting NEW goals...
peace to you..

Fresh said...

Not sure where your charter school will be but if need teachers hit me up. I'm in NYC.