Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gotta Be My Own Boss

A couple of weeks ago, I was talkin' about goin' back to work. Well, I did. It was either work or go to school... and consequently, I am awaiting the status of my application for school... so I did go back to work. I went through a temp agency. The woman they placed me with owns her own business. Well, Friday the 14th made just ONE WEEK at that place and I left and I'm not turning back. Here is the copy of the letter I emailed the owner of the business. Names have been changed.... and all that junk... to protect me from ANY liability... LOL. You'll get the background on it by reading the letter. I'll post the woman's response later.

Aloha "Boss",

I've been thinking about writing this letter since Friday. An entire day has passed and the feeling is still here. I feel inclined to express myself to you, as you've already had the opportunity of expressing yourself to me. It is my desire to rectify things and make everything PONO**. To release myself from any negativity that intrinsically connects myself to you.

The meeting we had on Friday morning between you, DeeDee and myself was very enlightening. Friday was my sixth day of work at your establishment. It was not emphasized that I was to serve as your "right-hand-man" or that I was to keep you off the phone. Much of my duties were left to my own interpretation. Though I am very good at anticipating the needs of most people, I found it very hard to read what, exactly, your needs were. I would have really appreciated if you reviewed with me HOW you want things done. I couldn't INHERENTLY know what those things are.

I understand that my inability to be any of your previous assistants is frustrating. You truly UNLOADED all of those frustrations on me. I could not have possibly known how much pressure you're under to perform. My desire to not disturb you was misjudged as an unwillingness to be of help. My "cryptic" phone messages, as you so eloquently called them, were ineffective and NOT helping you. I would not have known that you "pay me more than you would normally pay someone in my position". Perhaps I wasn't living up to the monetary value you agreed to pay me.

Anyway, the end result of all my shortcomings was the "big blow up" which is our meeting on Friday morning. It seemed I was the ONLY candidate to be on the receiving end of all your negative energy. You felt strongly to share with me how much pressure you're under. How would I have known? You shared with me that you're normally a good person. How could I have known? From day one, the nicest thing you said to me was "good morning" AFTER greeting the parrot. You shared with me that you did a whole bunch of things that I should have been doing. Again, how could I have known? NO ONE SAID ANYTHING.

As I sat in that meeting when you were sharing these thoughts and a host of others, the only thing I could think of was how did I make these things happen? Perhaps, my ineffectiveness on Friday morning was the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back". I am the newest employee, with the least amount of experience and knowledge about your leadership style or about the business, yet I am the one that gets dumped on. True character is revealed in our hardest times.

I maintained my composure the entire day and resolved to be a better assistant to you. But as soon as I rounded the corner of that building, I cried in a way that I couldn't cry in our meeting. As I explained my tears to my husband, who picked me up from work, I realized two things.

One - there is no chemistry between us. You already resent me for failing to read your needs. And two - I don't want to waste anyone's time, yours and least of all mine. Since I am, technically, an employee of the temp agency, I have notified them that I will NOT be returning to your company.

I appreciate the opportunity you've given me and I wish you much success and happiness. The entire purpose of life is to be happy. May you be blessed.

**PONO : Hawaiian for righteousness or the act of returning things to a positive flow.


Chele said...

You are a good woman so you already know that homegirl needs the DTP sicced on her. I'm glad you were able to hold your head high and walk away from that.

I know there are two sides to every story but I also know you aren't incompetent in any way. She was tripping.

chase said...

Some people find it hard to delgate authority, and even though anyone can have their own business, not everyone SHOULD. Im sorry about your day love, I'd love to hear what she had to respond. ANd yes, you were right to walk away, no one deserves to be treated like that. period.

chase said...

havent got my essense yet in the mail but imma look ut for that issue, and check the story out, thanks for the heads up.

Closet Owner said...

I really know where you were coming from with this one. I know what the boss likes and needs...Now I just want to be the boss!

Anonymous said...

wow. impressed that you were able to write to her so eloquently, in that situation. i'm going to forward this to a friend of mine a personal assistant (former), who put's up with a lot of sh*t, from her boss.

The Brown Blogger said...

I am so happy that you made the decision to not take anyone's shit. I read your post on recieving Alicia Kys album and see that 'Unbreakable' is a fave. Not that shouting out those couples isn't cute, I attatched myself to the piece where she says "She ain't no different than me and... He ain't no different than you..." This is so true. This woman does not have the right to unload on you in the manner that she did. You have every right to set that heifer straight. You did this in more ways than one. That makes me happy. I'm sure moving on (forward) has made you feel the same.

I love stregnth. You have it. Now make it contaigous and see that it spreads!!!