Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tuesday's Release

Husband bought me this CD on Wednesday. I shoulda told him to get it on AMAZON... cuz that mugg is like $2 bucks cheaper even after you add the shipping!! I love an unplugged CD!!! Fa real... the "live" sound is BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes pure music is masked by too many drum machines and synthesizers. Can't hide any flaws when you're doing it live. I love it.

Why is "Unbreakable" such a cute song? **giggles** She hollers out a whole bunch of celebrity black couples.

"If I Was Your Woman"... just beautiful.

The CD might not be for everybody but I just love when someone can tickle the ivories and captivate my interest.

Thanks Alicia!!! Keep on doin' ya thang.


Soulful Journey said...

I will definitely pick this up....Alicia is my girl and I've seen her perform live and she is all that and a bag of chips!

Anonymous said...

You can check out the video @ my blog. I swear this woman 's talent is incredible. I bought the DVD too, she did a great job, I love her interaction with the public. She's HOT!