Friday, October 28, 2005

The Phone Call

Someone called me from a Vegas area code.

I said hello. And hello hung there without a response. I said hello once more and it went unanswered for a second time.

But I know who was on the receiving end. I know who called me from a Vegas area code.

Love is love no matter when it happened. Once you put that kinda love into the universe, there's no taking it back and retrieving it for yourself to give to another. That love vibration is out there with the intended recipient, presumably since the point when the love was given. Saying that I once loved him doesn't make sense because LOVE is LOVE no matter when it happened.

I know he misses me and wishes he NEVER let me go but the point is, he did! The point is, I'm in love with someone else. The point is, no amount of phantom calls will ever steer me from the man who loves me now. The point is, I've moved on.


Nina MM said...

Girl, you are telling my story. That "Dial 'S' for Stalker" shit is wack. LOL

chase said...

and mine too girl....i know exactly how you feel. dont do know good thinkin about no what ifs and has beens and coulda beens....eff that

Anonymous said...

you know better than to even fool with that stuff neena..from your girl in KS....don't do ya girl and take care of A...tell him I said hi.
Angie B.