Tuesday, May 10, 2005

His Name Was Thomas: Part III

Okay so I left off talking about how Thomas dropped his marital status on me.

What killed me is that I was already used to the idea of being his girl. As the months unfolded, his story unfolded. He was married with two children with this woman. Her name... Nina. Small world! He had another child that he thought was his but he didn't pay any child support on it. What else? He also thought he had a pair of twins with another woman. I was disgusted the more we talked about it. Here he was... just 24 with a mess load of "could be" kids. Ya know? I just didn't want NO parts of it anymore. It's not that I couldn't accept the children... I couldn't accept the behavior. Not at 18.

After the Valentines Day of "truth"... we kinda moved in together. What I didn't know is that the whole intention of him getting a place was to get his wife to Hawai'i. Then one day he called her up and told her not to come. He had always hinted that there were problems between the two of them but he never said what they were. As I look back now... I think I was the problem. Terrible, terrible ME. **shrugs** Sorry?!!

As the story of his life unfolds, I snap to it and realize that he is soooo not the man I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Fa real! He had no real ambition. No clear picture of what he wanted out of life. He clung to me and had no world outside of mine. That is soooo unattractive. I wanted a man that was a complete person without me... his friends were my friends. I mean he hung out with me and the girls 24-7. He wanted to be everywhere I wanted to be. Some of "the girls" thought it was cute... I thought it was creepy. I couldn't even take a shyt without him following me. It was all so crazy.

As the days go by, everyday with him is torture just cuz he was ALWAYS up under me. It's like I couldn't breathe. Welcome relief came when the Army sends him to the field... for 10 days. I'm tellin' you... the minute we parted ways... it was heavenly. I was out with my girls every day and every night. It was like pre-Thomas days. **giggling** I hooked up with "friends-that-never-disappoint"... if ya know what I mean. My hooker azz was just OUT THERE. I swear I was so foul.
Midway through Thomas being gone... I meet the man that would become my first husband. Yep... that is how I met my ex-husband... while I was supposed to be somebody else's girl. LOL... It was a crazy time in my life... exciting and moving so quickly. I met Shane**(the guy that became my first husband) while I was with my girls. In fact, they introduced us.... and he and I became very close. John Doe was supposed to be a fling and nothing more. Fate saw something else in the stars.
The certain girl I mentioned in Part I, was hating on me the whole time. Tellin' me that I had a good man in Thomas and I was doing him so wrong. It was apparent that she was still eye-ing him even though he was head over heels in love with me. She kept sayin' that I had NO business doin' what I was doin'. So guess what happened next?

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