Friday, May 20, 2005

The Thomas Soap: Part IV

Quick Recap: The last episode had me talkin' about how Thomas was "crampin' my style"... **giggling**... and I just really needed a break from him. The welcome break came when the army sent him to the field for 10 days. I was "OUT THERE", doin' my thang and all the girls were all over me about how "OUT THERE" I was.

So Thomas has been out playing "army man" for a couple days and I put myself back on the block again, so to speak. All my so-called girls loved Thomas. Because he was in hot pursuit of me, he did WHATEVER I said. If it meant picking me AND my friends up, he did just that. If I wanted to go to the club, he took me AND my friends. It was just like that. And my "girls" was not tryna let that go. They loved what he did for them because of me. At least, that was my perspective. So guess what? They all became the BIGGEST critics of our relationship and the biggest critics of how I treated him. And my recent infidelities was a big deal to them because, of course, it was highly unlikely that we'd stay together.... then there goes the free rides and the free alcohol and the safe place to crash... etc etc etc... You know how it goes.

I honestly didn't think anything of my playtime. It was never in my mind that any of my so called 'girls' would ever betray me. Could they and would they ever cross that line, because of a man? Would my friends let that come between us? Would I?

A couple of days before Thomas returned from the field, he called me. This is the era before cell phones... not that they weren't around because they were but you were paying like $1.35 per minute. We were all walking around with pagers. (I kinda miss being able to pick and choose who to call back when scrolling through those missed pages.)

Anyway, as soon as he gets in touch with me he's grillin' me about what I've been doing with my time. And then he spits it all out.... talkin' about how he knows I went and seen Eddie (an ex "steady")... how he knows I've been messin' with some new dude that I just met... blah blah blah.
"What are you talkin' about Thomas?"
"Who's sayin' all that mess?"
"Your story is all mixed up."

At this point, I'm super curious as to how Thomas has come across all this information. I never denied the stories but I didn't confirm them either. I knew I was a cheat but hadn't turned into a liar yet. That's coming! (I'm only human). After Thomas and I ended our phone conversation, I brainstormed all the ways he could have found out. He was good but I was better.

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