Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I Remember Being This Broken Down...

okay... i remember being this sad way back when. i wrote this little poem... if you wanna call it that for a man i thought i was wisely investing my time. 9 years later... i finally let go and am now VERY happy with someone else.

All Of This

I sit and watch my life pass me by
A necessary sacrifice

And I willingly give this to you
I give you the rest of forever

I give my womanhood
And the right to bear children

I give you my youth
The best days of my life

I promise to wait patiently
Standing strong as your support system

I grant you the comfort of my love
As the steal beams in your house

I'll be second in your world
If it means that someday I'll be your one and only

I'll be our future while you care for your past
If it means you'll return to me eventually

I set you free, **insert name**
I unchain you from my selfish love

All of this
For the opportunity to love you

For the chance to be the center of your world
In the hopes that all will be as it was
You and I

i don't take back any hurt i've known. it only prepared me for all of the goodness that i enjoy now.