Monday, April 11, 2005

I Look At Him....

I look at him and love him.

Sometimes I get so upset about something he does... and I scream, tears streaming down my face, hardly breathing... just so frustrated because there's no one that I'd care to share my issues with. I'll rarely ever blog about our arguments.... I did it once before, he found it and lost his mind about the things I said. Actually I put it on my blackplanet page. He was so upset! But it doesn't matter cuz we get through the junk.

I think that's what real commitment comes down to. The hard times are the glue that keeps it all together. Trust is my foundation... at first, the foundation was a little shaky but we've been repairing the damages done to it.


Chocolatelocs said...

The glue . . . yeah, I agree.

I like your blog by the way.

NeenaLove said...

@black ambition... thanks for stopping by. i've been slowing down on it but it's such a release to be in here and write... no matter how short it is.