Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hawaii Politics: GM514

This is Official Correspondence I submitted in relation to GM514, Governor Ige's nomination of Carleton Ching to Chair DLNR.

Please. Please. If you have time, please send an email to
and OPPOSE this ridiculous nomination. If you need more information to research, visit the following sites and articles:

You can cut and paste my testimony if you'd like.

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Chair, Vice Chair, and the Committee on Water and Land:

I am writing to emphatically oppose the nomination of CARLETON CHING to chair the Department of Land and Natural Resources. I think Governor Ige is ill-advised at his nomination of Carleton Ching. It is the responsibility of this Committee to protect the interests of its citizens but more importantly the Water and Land that we all share in the public domain.
 Based on Mr. Ching's affiliation, association, and position with the Land Use Research Foundation, it is clear that he will exercise the wrong type of "control over public lands, water resources, ocean waters...etc." A simple google search of Land Use Research Foundation gives you a clear and accurate picture of the tenets to which Mr. Ching currently honors. Putting Ching into the Chair for DLNR promotes further development. If he has worked to develop, develop, develop all these years, how will he be able to objectively look at ways at protecting Hawai'i's natural resources?

I am very disappointed that Governor Ige would nominate a person whose current position is to do the exact opposite of what the DLNR represents. Is he unaware of easy google searches where he can look people up and find out their background? Maybe Governor Ige is honoring commitments to people that supported his campaign because I see no logic in his nomination of Mr. Ching. From the idiotic implementation of The Rail by Mayor Caldwell to this ridiculous nomination, it is very apparent that the City & State are only supporting corporate interest. I cannot understand why or how this island can be sustainable if we continue to pave over agricultural land.

I visited the Land Use Research Foundation of Hawaii (LURF) website. "LURF promotes the business interests of landowners and developers in Hawaii at the local, state, and federal levels of government. LURF seeks passage of legislation and policies that create a favorable business climate in which landowners, developers, and the business community can grow and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Hawaii." I take offense that lobbyist groups like LURF think they know whats best for me and mine. LURF clearly states that they are most concerned with the business interests of developers. 

I think it is your committee's heavy responsibility to protect our land and promote sustainability. I do not believe, for one minute, that Mr. Ching will be able to separate his position with LURF from a possible position at DLNR. Please do the right thing by rejecting Governor Ige's nomination. 

Mahalo Nui,


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