Tuesday, February 24, 2015


If you don't have the words - you are welcome to cut and paste mine. I detest the Mayor's Office of the City & County of Honolulu.

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Senator Riviere,

I absolutely DO NOT support an increase in the general excise tax to fund a terribly planned rail project.

Residents of the North Shore do not benefit from the Rail and the Mayor is asking for us to continue to help pay for it. We have our own traffic issues to deal with. Per the Mayor, he said that the North Shore traffic problem is not his to deal with but the State's job. If that is his approach then North Shore residents should not be compelled (forced) to pay toward the excise tax that funds the rail.

I would prefer that we tear down the rail and close that project. The citizens keep throwing money at this project and the money just disappears. The project is way over budget already. Where is the accountability? The Rail project has been given EVERY opportunity to succeed and has done nothing with it.

I also do not agree with a rise in property taxes as the Mayor suggests will happen if the excise tax is not approved.

This project should not have moved forward to begin with. It is poorly planned and not at all fiscally responsible. If I were this much overdrawn at a bank, the Feds would have jailed me already and asked for restitution. Please apply the same logic to the Mayor's office and make them accountable.



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