Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Resolutions 2014: Journaling My Goals

It has been a while since I last blogged. It obviously has not been a priority for me even though I want it to be. I used to blog while at work during my down time. I work at a university so down time is right around mid-term. There's no hustle and bustle associated with that point in a semester. Right now is down time and I have too many ideas in my brain and no discipline to sit down and write. What I really hate is the interruptions. Since I inherited scheduling the use of my building, I get requests all day long and interruptions. I'm grateful though since it keeps me busy all the time.

I have several story board outlines for novels that are occurring in my brain but no real fruit from the story boards. I have a debate in my brain about handwriting it in a composition book versus typing it out in a MS Word document. Of course the latter seems much more practical but I find that I "over-edit" when I type. I try to create the perfect sentence and edit as I go along. Whereas, most successful authors suggest free writing and not editing until the entire story is complete. I read that Stephen King does the same. He is one of my favorite authors. The twists and turns he comes up with just boggles my mind. I also love Toni Morrison. There is debate around her style of writing being so complicated. I find her work to be very character-driven. I think I am that kind of writer. One of my most favorite books of all time is Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. The way she constructs characters really brings them to life.

I have crazy goals that I wrote down but nothing really pulling them all together. I started an investment class that I thoroughly enjoy. The only problem is that we started playing with a simulator platform that allows you to trade with fake money. What's wrong with that, right? Well, the problem is that all the simulations that I have done has been very, very profitable -- I wish it were real money. **sigh** I made a silent commitment to myself that I WILL NOT participate in these investments until I reach a more important goal: HEALTH. Yes, I have put the priority of losing weight above my desires to continue to grow my wealth. The logic that drives it: if I'm unhealthy, how can I enjoy my riches? Truly, the best gift I can give to myself is to be healthy.

There is no time like right here and right now to do all the things that I want. Instead of participating in sporadic, chaotic, scattered goals, I am prioritizing them and getting it all together. I can't do everything at once because I need to be "all in" for one project. So here it is in a very particular order.

1. HEALTH - release 50 pounds forever.
*To increase my quality of life now and forever.
*To feel better and have more energy
*To not rely on medication or medical intervention for chronic illness
*To look better
*To be able to shop ANYWHERE and not have to see if the store has a "plus-size" section
Deadline: August 4th, 2014 - ambitious, aye?
This pic of me was 10 years ago and about 30 pounds ago. If I can get to that by June, I think I will hit my 50# goal by my deadline.

2. INVEST - to get at least 20% returns on my discretionary income
*To actively be engaged in growing my income
*Personal satisfaction of having "money in the bank"
*To relieve the stress that comes from debt
*To prepare for retirement
Deadline: I give myself 3 months to make my first deposit into my TD-Ameritrade account. Once I put the money in, I'm sure I can yield at least 20% by the end of the year. I have a great mentor; one that I am very grateful for.

*I'm a doomsday prepper - healthy food is better than gold especially in a famine.
*To be able to eat from the yield of the earth, planted and harvested by my own hands
*To contribute to the earth by being a sustainable farmer
*To create a sustainable community
*To teach the next generation that food comes from the earth and not the super market
*Because I feel such love for the earth - we live in such a beautiful world
Deadline: I will give myself six months to complete and be in the beginning stages of implementation. I think I can do this!

*It's been a dream for so long
*I want to write the book that I wanted to read when I was a pre teen
Deadline: March 1st, 2015 - that's almost an entire of year to complete this.

Well, I've just put my whole entire heart out there. I'm going to print this out and plan my life around achieving these goals. When I have achieved my goals you will hear me say that this aint luck baby -- this is hard work and dedication. I am planning my success!!

Here weeeeeeeeeee goooooooooo!

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