Thursday, June 27, 2013

TBT: 1994 July 20th

July 20th, 1994

Aroha?! So I'm here in California. I'm happy but anyway. It may sound stupid but I miss Shane. Yeah, I do!! There's just something about him. Uh huh. But if I'm gonna have fun, I have to just enjoy my time and stop worrying about him. I know we aren't committed to each other but as close as we are, I guess we don't need it. Still, he's still seeing Lori --> the OTHER woman. I gave up Thomas not exactly for Shane but honestly... Shane was part of the reason. But what we did break up for is because things just aren't working. I don't think it could. I guess maybe because I didn't give it a chance. Why should I when Shane makes me worlds happier. That's just how he is.

Today, we got in about 6am. Aunty Lesieli picked us up at the Oakland Airport. Oakland is soo huge as compared to the cities in Hawaii. Anyway, traffic wasn't too heavy. (I wanna call Shane)... Got here in Richmond and we just kicked it in the house. Went to sleep. You know, just rested up. I wasn't supposed to call Hawaii besides mom but I called Shane's work twice. Well, at least I got some paper to write him and stuff. After we all got some sleep, we went to Frisco and Larkspur. Just cruisin' and all-a-dat. Can you believe I haven't spent a dime yet? Pretty good. Weather here --> very cold! 50 degrees maybe or less. It's the middle of summer, what's up with that? :-) Oh, we rode on the Bay Area ferry. We sat on the sun desk and it was FREEZING!! Dang, we went out there by Pier 39 and Fishermans Warf. All the way live. I'm tellin 'ya. Uh huh.

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