Monday, July 01, 2013

GIRLY GIRL - Photo Shoot

I have been wanting to do a photo shoot for quite sometime. I love being in front of the camera almost as much as I love being behind the camera. These are the results of my photo shoot with professional photographer Jolene Kanahele. She was so much fun to work with and she surely knows the right poses for a plus-size woman like me. My sister-in-law did her magic with the makeup. She is a MAC girl when it comes to makeup. Can I blame her? The makeup feels good on the skin. It absolutely DOES NOT feel too thick or caked on.

I have been wanting to cut my hair for quite some time. I would have preferred to go to a professional to get it done but I opted to do it in the comfort of my bathroom. What a risk. I cut off about six inches and this was the result. I love the length. Husband likes the longer length. Either way, I love who I am both inside and out. The blue sequin top was a steal at Macy's Ala Moana @ $4.00 on clearance, I couldn't pass it up. The black top was a nice and simple long sleeve, v-neck from Jeans Warehouse @ $10.00. Perfect selections for a photo shoot.

The premise for the shoot is for plus-size beauty's to embrace their body shape now and celebrate it rather than waiting to be at your goal weight. When do we really reach our goal weight? Since my late 20's (I'm 37 now) I have fallen in love with who I am and my own body image. I prefer to be naked rather than plastered with clothing. My husband can attest to me prancing around the house totally uninhibited.

I love to play dress-up on occasion. I'm sure every girly girl does. I grew up more as a tomboy because ultra-femininity didn't appeal to me but it does now. When I do get the opportunity, I love to do myself up. It transforms my day-to-day look for a little while. My true, authentic self though loves to be all natural. Husband loves to see my hair all natural, blowing in the wind and definitely NO MAKE UP. I just laugh at how he sees me and I love that my natural-ness is his pleasure.

These pictures are my favorites... they are closest to my personality. What can I say? I LOVE me!

As I age, I hope that I may keep up with my beautiful husband. He is the inspiration behind my secret love stories and the reason I believe in love all over again. We have our hard times, our not-so-good times but we also have the fabulous, extraordinary, ride-or-die times. He truly is my best friend and we are in it for longer than forever. I can't imagine sharing my time with anyone else. You can catch him on his youtube channel as "painless risen". Both of us are quite vocal, in different ways. Me with the pen/keyboard and he... he loves the spoken word and moving pictures. Our ideas are beyond what many can stomach and we go in two opposite directions sometimes but the fact that our conversations are so stimulating still blows my mind.


evotia said...

I love these photos of you! Honestly, they remind me of when I first met you in high school. You were always a shining star! These pics capture that for sure.
(and btw these don't look very plus size'ish to me.. lookin good mamas!)

BooBoo said...

You have always been a inspiration to me! You have seen me at my very lowest and without hesitation reached out and lifted me when nothing else could! Thank you always sister!