Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Throw Back Thursday Preface

I just started Throw Back Thursday. I intentionally skipped last week's TBT because of the content of the new entry. I feel like I have to preface it with explanation, exploration, and ease you (the reader) into the next TBT post.

The posts for TBT come from my written diaries. I do this for two reasons:
  1. To preserve my diaries; some of them are beginning to fade. An archivist told me that I should wipe them down with Denatured Alcohol to stop any water/mold damage and start scanning them and transcribing them into a document. This is my attempt at transcribing... I don't know if I'll scan them because that would take forever unless I take apart the binding of the book. **sigh**
  2. Blog Content - this is a great way of looking back at who I am in different stages of my life.... I don't know how many people actually come to my blog to read my thoughts so most of the time, I write FOR ME. I write to express my innermost thoughts. I write to release the anger, the passion, the love that I have inside of me.
I don't know why I started with this particular diary.... the one that began on June 30th, 1994. My diaries extend all the way back to when I was a little girl. I know I've lost some of my journals and I know exactly which ones I've lost. I know I was meant to write in this way; memoir-ish - a very feminine way of reflecting on my life, capturing the moment in time, like standing still! I read it now and the memories just flood back from those days. I am amazed at how my life has progressed/digressed over the years. I cringe at a lot of what I wrote especially in high school. Did I really talk like that? **rolling my eyes** I look at the things that I thought were important back then and just shake my head in disbelief. I'm sure ten years from now I'll look back at what I wrote today and be amazed at the shallowness of some of my journal entries. But, isn't this what life is about?

In the recent TBT posts, I have a picture and a short preface at the beginning of the post. The picture is of the actual diary that the post comes from. The preface is just an introduction to the TBT post. All of them are the same. I suppose I will eventually STOP adding that little note. **shrugs**

The next TBT post topic -- I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it a couple times here. I may not have gone into depth about it but I know I've at least said it in passing. Too many women shy away from the truth seeing the light of day. Accepting what IS and living with it is far better than pushing it deep down inside and not dealing with it. Regardless of what we are conditioned to think, we must always take care of our heart and our well-being.

I hope you will find something of value in tomorrow's TBT post.

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