Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BFF's... Best Friends Forever

I spoke to a dear friend of mine yesterday. BFF!! She'll be visiting in August. This is the first time in awhile that she's come home from Maryland. We rarely talk but it doesn't matter one bit. When I think of her, I drop her a greeting card in the mail and call it a day.
Us in St. Louis, the snow was falling hard. From the airport we headed to the mall to get BooBoo some warm clothes.

I'm not one of those girls that has to be in touch all the time. I can NOT see or speak to you in years but at first sight I can pick up wherever we left off. There are no awkward silences with me unless I mean to do that. So, if you know me and maybe we've lost touch over the years, trust me when I say that I.HAVE.NOT.CHANGED a bit!

Hanging out in Waikiki, chit chatting and talking about life.
I'm still wild, still adventurous. I can be shy sometimes and maybe even a little controlling. The laugh is still loud, the voice still booming but not much else has changed. I am who I have always been... a girl from Hau'ula Park Place.

One of my favorite pictures of us. This night was FANTASTIC!!
Anyway, it was so refreshing to have a conversation with her. One that is always free from judgement. I can always be who I am ...authentically... without wondering if she would still be my friend when all is said and done. She knows every secret that I have to tell and I miss having that in my life. She lives on the East Coast so I have no one to vent to anymore because the time zones keep us from having a convenient time to talk. She used to be that sounding board for me. **sigh** I'm so glad she's coming here and I'm glad that she's bringing her husband along this time. I have never met him and I look forward to our week long adventure.

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