Sunday, November 07, 2010

Day 15: My Dreams

I am an avid reader of all things that push my very human mind beyond its current boundaries. We are all victims of our circumstances. We're raised by people who have never parented before -- our parents -- and they are limited by the way their parents raised them and on and on and on. What was absent from my childhood is my parents insistence on dreaming big. I don't blame them for my current position in life because I know they are limited in their scope of the universe. My reading material tends to lean toward things like The Secret, The Richest Man in Babylon, The Power of Intention, and that sort of books. In the bookstore's these types of books are sorted under the self-help category. The world of POSSIBILITY inspires me and pushes me to dream without inhibition.

However.... My dreams...
  • I am afraid to speak of them for fear of never seeing them come to pass.
  • I am afraid to tell people for fear that people will find my dreams ABSURD.
  • Afraid of the process
  • Afraid to succeed?
Realizing how "afraid" I am reminds me of the following passage from the Holy Bible: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

What I dream of most, strictly confining myself to my earthly existence, is....
  • a house -- with at least an acre of land to farm; I would like a water feature on the property -- could be a pool and spa or a koi pond or a natural waterfall... I love the sound of water! I would like a basketball/ volleyball/ tennis court type thing on the property. My house would have a full-service work out room so I can stop having to pay for 24-hour fitness. I would need a very large craft room. Husband would probably like a "man-cave" and be totally content. I would also like a commercial kitchen. It could be in an entirely different building on the property but I do want a commercial kitchen.
  • I want to be a business owner -- Fear of failure governs even TRYING this. The whole business thing I expressed earlier FELLLLLLL ALLLL THE WAY THROUGH but I am not at all deterred. I willllll DO THIS!
  • I want to be a published novelist. Period.
  • I want to own several properties
  • I dream of making a difference in my community.... possibly in the WORLD!
  • I dream of...... being a mother to several children.
...if it be my destiny, i welcome all my dreams into my world...


evotia said...

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

Be courageous Coreen and continue to dream big. You deserve all that you mentioned above..AND MORE!

Here's to keeping hope alive!!

Unknown said...

I have the same fears when it comes to my dreams, too. I don't always succeed, but I try to remember that fear is the opposite of faith and that it IS possible to accomplish even the most daunting goals! ps. when you have your house with its acre of land, gym, craft room, etc, I'll be visiting! ;)