Friday, July 30, 2010

Random JULY Ramblings

My camera has been missing for the last two weeks. I'm totally bummed but at the same time, this might mean that I can get a "real" camera; a DSLR camera. I've always been interested in photography. It is the one hobby that brings me extreme pleasure. I have a great 'eye' for composition and with proper development, I can really get started on putting my hobby to work.

Right now, I'm stuck using my camera phone but hopefully soon, I'll be able to upgrade what was. A dear friend of mine is suggesting we take this photography workshop and find out what kind of camera to buy. I'm pretty excited! Maybe some of you will want to come to the workshop also. That is, those of you that are in the Honolulu area or have access to the Honolulu area.

Here are a few of my other "goings-on" with me:
1. I quit my job after two days. Long story, short... the professionalism was lacking.

2. My husband quit his GS position and traded it for employment with a MAJOR airlines. I'm super duper excited because that means I can fly anywhere that this airlines flies -- FOR FREE!!! The world is truly gonna GET IT! We've been talking about travelling for so long. I'm glad the time has finally arrived for us to make it to distant places.

3. My hanai sister has been visiting from Tacoma, Washington. (Hanai, in the culture of Hawai'i, is an act of love. It is a form of adoption or fostering of children into a family.) She has plans of moving here. She's been applying for jobs everywhere. She popped up, out of the blue. I woke up one morning to a text from her asking to be picked up from the airport. That girl is as crazy as me. LOL

4. Finally -- I'm sooooo close to being co-owner of a smoothie shop. I pray that my dream of being a business owner comes true!