Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just One Of Dem Dayz

I'm in one of those funky moods. Call it the PMS blues, maybe, or just plain irritation. Whatever! It's Saturday night. Homework due tomorrow and I'm just not in the mood to do anything. In my ears, Lady Soul by The Temptations. I'm tired but feeling like writing. Happy but feel like crying for no reason.

I remember going through these kinds of emotions back in high school -- feel like screaming but at who? I feel like taking a drive but where? I feel like eating a huge bowl of ice cream but should I? I feel like curling up and watching a really sad movie, a romantic tragedy. Food is calling me. That's for sure and that can only mean one thing.... a woman's monthly friend is here as fierce as it was last month. Yes. Today is just one of dem dayz.

Ladies: What are some of your remedies for the PMS blues?
Fellas: How do you deal with the crabbiness?

**sigh** Where's the closest GODIVA chocolatier?

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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

I here you! My remedy is locking myself in a room with a good book and lots of KitKat. Husband doesn't seem to mind. . .at least it keeps the peace. . . most of the time.

Have you heard of the supplement SAM-e? Try a search for SAMe and PMS. I've never tried it but heard that it's a natural way to promote better mood other than exercise. Who want's to exercise during PMS????

evotia said...

i get terrible cramps.. and the heating pad is my bestie when it comes to cramps! that and a good movie to ball my eyes out. hubby says better me crying than me making him cry! ha!

Ms.T said...

My cramps feel like labor pains...good grief! So my relief is some good old tea with sugar and milk, some snuggly PJ's and a book...oh all this while in the bed :o)

EmotionalWreck&%$# said...

My remedy is laying in bed, isolating myself, and eating a lot of chocolate. Usually around that time of the month I get so irritated and moody that I just stay away from everyone, because anything can end up hurting my feelings.