Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Photo Blog: Highway 40/ Colorado

My husband and I made it to our destination. Except for the drama that binds us to my in-laws, we made it here unscathed. I am always so extremely humbled when I make it somewhere after traveling over thousands of miles in one piece. I have to say that Highway 40, through northern Colorado, has got to be one of the most beautiful drives I've ever done. I'm really glad that our GPS took us through those mountains.

We hit the highway at about 5 in the morning. We caught a gorgeous sunrise. Everything was so calm and peaceful. The wildlife, like deer and moose, were out foraging for food. Because we were way off the interstate, traffic was non-existent. There weren't any cars or trucks for miles and miles. It was very peaceful to ride in such an idyllic setting. My mind became very aware of the universe and the eternal-ness of life. So often we get caught up doing big things that have little consequence on the state of our soul and conversely do little things that have big impact on our peace of mind.

I offer these pictures as a small glimpse into the beauty of Highway 40. It was taken with my phone. I wish I could have stopped every thirty minutes to take photo's with my real camera but we really needed to make up some time. The world, the universe is so beautiful. I thank my creator for the natural wonders that are around me. Thank you for allowing me to witness the magic.

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evotia said...

when i retire - i would of course want to do so in hawaii. and colorado comes in a close 2nd. it is so beautiful to me. glad you are enjoying your road trip. i wish my hubby and i had that kinda patience w/each other on the road. we last maybe 6 hrs then all else goes to hell!