Monday, March 29, 2010

Photo Blog: Dusty Highways

Our journey west has been smooth sailing, unless you count the fall I took right in front of the Super 8 motel in Georgetown, Colorado. It was a really bad fall but I think I was more embarrassed than anything else when it first happened. So what happened was I tripped on the top step and went straight for the glass door. My face slammed into the door while everything else slammed the hard concrete. Needless to say, this morning I woke up in a whole lot of pain. Thank goodness for my very dense, Polynesian bones -- nothing's broken except my ego. Actually, I take that back. My back is aching and very stiff. I knew that was coming. My fall was pretty intense and I knew the whiplash was coming. I did file an accident report so if anything major comes up, I'll pursue this further.

As I was saying, our journey west has been smooth sailing. We left Oklahoma City at like 330 in the morning. The GPS took us off the beaten path, on state highways instead of the interstate. The state highways are not lit so driving that early in the morning is a really lonely experience. There was a large, gorgeous moon sitting over the blank landscape. At any moment, I felt like aliens were going to abduct us. It was that lonely. That silent! It was very early and we hadn't slept at all so we pulled over at a lonely service station to get some shut-eye. It was a very eerie place. It reminded me of all the haunted places on Scooby-Doo. There was an owl nearby that prevented me from going to sleep. So 45 minutes later, we were back on the road.

On the island of O'ahu, the island of my birth, you can never drive through hundreds of miles of vacant, wide-open, blank land. So driving through the deserted landscapes, off the interstate, and through the littlest towns you could ever imagine, I felt really alone. It felt like it was just hubby and I all alone in the universe. Some little towns were deserted, like the people had moved on. Like the world had moved on. I instantly thought of a Stephen King series I had begun reading many years ago called The Dark Tower. Very interesting read. I'm a huge fan of Stephen King and this series of books is outstanding!

America looks different from a speeding car on dusty state highways. I'm taking it all in and enjoying the images I witness everyday. Though my longing for Hawai'i will probably never fade, I'm trying to be in this moment, in the now -- to savor every experience as it is handed to me. I am extremely grateful for my husband who has been the pilot of our uHaul ship. I think I drove a total of 2 hours so far. He kicked me out of the pilot chair when I nearly nodded off to sleep. Yesterdays journey ended at Georgetown, Colorado. We drove through the city of Denver. Seeing the Rocky Mountains coming into view was a wonderful experience. I miss seeing mountains.

Whether I was staring at blank landscapes, large windmill's, or the beautiful Rockies one thing is for sure -- God created this universe just for me. Just for you! Life is great (except for my fall yesterday). Wish me safe travels.


The Brown Blogger said...


Don't you love it!!!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

Your description of the desert being eerie like aliens could come and abduct you gave me chicken skin. Then I thought of all the times when as kids you guys used to scare the living daylights out of me!

Stay safe and try not to fall. I did the same at the post office today and know the embarrasment ;0)