Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cookie Corner Question

I was having a discussion with some young women here in Alabama. One woman was very passionate and against women being submissive to a man in marriage. She believes that a woman should NEVER serve a man or anything even close to it. She went in depth about how wrong it is and how it sets women back if we do it.

What do you think? Is submissiveness appropriate in male/female relations?

My answer tomorrow.


LiafromLaie said...

This is one of those things in which you could go either way with. I myself personally only see a problem with being submissive if it's being abused. It could be by either roll... a husband misusing a patient and submissive wife or a wife misusing a patient and submissive husband.

Also you have to look at the word itself. For many the word means "bowing to the will and needs of another by agreement or force". I myself have always seen submissiveness in another manner, as being meek and respectful, like the Lord. Jesus was the greatest example of being submissive. In his will to the Father and his role as Savior. Can you imagine if he decided one day that being submissive was outdated? *shiver*

I know I'm single but I have had many examples of women in my life and have seen many approaches to submissiveness in marriage. Today I went to the funeral for Aunty Marge Christy. In hearing about her life she was a strong woman of great character that lived her life how she wanted. But the ONE trait that stuck out the most to me about her life was a lesson her daughter shared that was taught to the girls of their family by their mother and that was simply to love priesthood holders. The daughter then went on to share that part of her mother's love was to iron everything. Shirts, pants, socks, sheets, and pillow cases for her husband because Aunty Marge knew that it was the small things that counted and showed her love. Would you consider that being too submissive? I don't.

I myself feel that in a ideal relationship both partners exercise some form of submissiveness. The wife in following her husbands counsels and the husband in allowing his wife to raise their children. Each individual has a role to play and it is only fair that each be humble when dealing with the other. And, since the Lord should always be in any relationship, both of them being submissive to His will. Of course we're all human and it's hard to put our own personal self-interests to the side and that's where trouble starts... being selfish.

Submissiveness now days brings up all these bad ideas and negative feelings... when really it's simply a variant form of patience, meekness, obedience, and most importantly, LOVE. It's a word with a multitude of meanings and if you chose to focus on the negative, then that's your lot in life. To each his own.

The Songer said...

I totally agree with Lia....

Personally I feel that when we serve our spouse (or any other person for that matter), we learn tolerance and humility, and grow a deeper love for the other person.